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Teflon causes Sickening Birth Defects

Sorry for the horrible audio, but I was filming in a loud flowing river.

This video, Teflon causes Sickening Birth Defects, was filmed at Curug Love, Bogor Regency, Indonesia.

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Check out this Birth Deformities from Teflon video

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Check out this Birth Deformities from Teflon video

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Teflon might make cooking convenient, but long-term use will lead to a number of inconvenient diseases, including cancer.

The first public warning signs came from animals raised near Teflon manufacturing plants dying from horrible deaths, as well as being born with sickening birth defects. Later, when the plant workers, and even some of the townsfolk started dying from cancer, and the women were giving birth to disfigured babies, people started to realize that Teflon was a problem.

In fact, DuPont knew about the dangers well before that, and even removed all the women from working inside the Teflon factories, to try and hide the birth defects their children were experiencing. It culminated in a class action lawsuit, which exposed just how much they knew about the dangers, and in 2006 they struck a deal to phase one of the most dangerous chemicals, Perfluorooctanoic Acid, or PFOA, out of the manufacturing process.

Teflon was so dangerous and so potent, that behind closed doors, they nicknamed it The Devil’s Piss. DuPont’s own studies on rats, killed all the rats. In studies on dogs, all the dogs died. And the same with studies on monkeys. The main problems were cancer, liver disease, and pancreatic disease. Even at the lowest doses, these animals died. They knew they would find the same thing in humans, and it turns out that it did.

Later studies showed that Teflon caused metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes, stunted growth in babies and children, hormone interference, immune system impairment, infertility, as well as low birth weight, brain damage, and horrible disfigurements in newborn babies.

One study by the CDC found that the PFOA Teflon chemical was found in the blood of 99.7% of Americans. The reason is that it stays in your bloodstream for life. Another study by The University of Massachusetts Amherst found that it was secreted in breastmilk, meaning the babies fed with it will get a double dose of harm.

I mentioned before that DuPont agreed to phase out PFOA, but they just replaced it with another chemical in the Perfluorinated Compound Group, which they called Gen-X. DuPont has already conducted studies on rats exposed to Gen-X, and they have developed tumours. There are now concerns that Gen-X may be even more harmful than PFOA, so it doesn’t matter what the Teflon ingredients are, it’s highly toxic and highly dangerous.

In fact, flocks of birds flying over Teflon factories would just drop dead in the air, from the Teflon fumes, and fall on the factory roof. Anyone who has a bird and cooks with Teflon near it, will also know how the birds can just drop dead on the spot.

Yes, birds are more affected by Teflon fumes, but if you are a human who cooks on a Teflon pan, or bakes with a Teflon tray in the oven, the fumes and particles are released into the air, and into your food. It will accumulate in the body, and increased accumulation will lead to cancer, birth defects, and all of the other horrible conditions I mentioned before.

The studies have been done, and the science is clear. Teflon is a killer. If you have it, throw it out immediately.

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