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Died Suddenly

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This is one documentary that everyone needs to watch.

But don’t watch it on a full stomach.

Some of the images, videos, data, and information, will put fear in your heart.

In fact, at one point, I got so shocked that I jumped back in my chair.


The documentary primarily interviews corpse embalmers & funeral directors.

There is a spate of people being listed as “died suddenly” but are not having autopsies, and the funeral workers are the only ones seeing the bodies.

They are finding that the dead people have strange anomalies in the blood.

Including thick, long white fibrous structures, that have grown inside the body, and resemble clots, but not normal blood clots they are used to seeing.

None of them have ever seen anything like this… at least before 2021.

Before the vaccines were rolled out.

Now, they are finding these weird blood clots in 86% of vaccinated people.

They will show you the evidence, the data, and even videos of autopsies where they are pulling these new objects out of peoples dead bodies.

The embalmers describe them as rubber bands, or calamari, and they grow to eventually clog the body and you die, having heart attacks or embolisms.


Doctors are also finding microclots in the still living, vaccinated population.

They look at the blood, and it’s dirty, like grains of sand, or coffee grounds.

But microclots normally go undetected, unless you specifically look for them.

Another doctor described what they found as being similar to rust, and it gets lodged in capillaries and starves the organs of oxygen, until the person dies.


US Army doctors and surgeons are seeing the same thing, and have tried to warn their superiors, but have been met with a massive coverup operation.

They have now turned whistleblowers, because they are so concerned with the vaccines that they believe there won’t be a standing army in 5 years.

Soldiers are getting strokes, pericarditis, myocarditis, heart arrhythmias, 300% increase in cancer, and a 300% increase in miscarriages.

The pilots have seen a 1000% increase in neurological problems post-vax.

The cases rose so much that they shut the DMED reporting system down.


The documentary also interviews pro-vaxxer Steve Kirsch.

Well, at least he was, until a friend told him about 3 perfectly healthy relatives who took the vaccine and died within a week, prompting him to investigate.

He found that the clinical trial for the pfizer vaccine showed that it killed more people that the placebo group, but they still released it to the public.

These vaccines were never proven to work before they released them.

Then there is Dr. Ryan Cole, who explains the history of the vaccine, including how they changed the purity requirements from 100% to just 50%.

Plus, they stopped the requirements for keeping the vaccines cooled at the right temperatures, and these changes led to quickly degrading products.

Ironically he believes that it’s the reason many people dodged a bullet & are still alive, because they got injected with mush, instead of a full-strength V.


The documentary claims what is in the vaccines, and what is happening to the vaccinated, is deliberate, & part of a world population reduction agenda.

They show plenty of video clips proving there is an agenda, and plenty more of people just dropping dead with no warning signs.

There are multiple clips of what can only be explained as a new way of dying, where people put their hand in the air, then spin in circles, and drop.

In fact, US life insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all cause deaths among 18-49 year olds.

There’s also clips of the people injured from vaccines, but not yet dead, including a terribly sad one of a woman paralyzed and shaking.

This woman is just one of the injury cases the US insurance companies are reporting, with massive unexplainable rises in Bell’s palsy, and miscarriages.


Hospitals are also seeing greater numbers of miscarriages, as well as stillbirths (death after 20 weeks), which prior to 2021 were extremely rare.

There have also been hospital whistleblowers, including one registered nurse who noted that before 2021, they had 1-2 stillbirths every 2-3 months.

Then, after the vaccines, they had 22 in 1 month, and she received an email from hospital administration saying they expected it to rise every month.

They have never seen so many dead babies than any other time in history.

One funeral director examined some stillborn babies, and found that they were all from vaccinated mothers, except for 1 who took Remdesivir.

The data from the whistleblower nurses US hospital showed a 40 standard deviation increase (a probability of it being natural of 0%).

They also got data from Canada and found a 71.4 standard deviation increase (also a probably of it being natural and not from vaccines of 0%).

There was another data set where a hospital had 14 stillbirths in 1 day.


All the data from the VAERS reporting system has been collated, and the graphs that they show in this documentary have statistics out of this world.

There has been a 1200 fold increase in menstrual abnormalities in women.

For pregancies, there has been a substantial increase in miscarriages, fetal growth slowing, amniotic fluid reduction, birth defects, and more.

The pictures they show of the vaccine birth defects in babies are horrifying.

Plus, the babies are getting cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac malformations, and cardiac arrest – yes, babies are getting heart attacks in the womb.

The FDA released the pfizer data on adverse events from their vaccines, and 83% of pregnant women who got vaccinated ended up with a dead baby.

The dead babies are also seen in other data they present – such as graphs showing the birth rates declines in major nations, including Australia at 70%.


This documentary, Died Suddenly, has got everything. Data, whistleblowers, interviews, photo and video evidence, and powerful information.

I highly recommend you watch it, but keep in mind that it is produced by the controlled opposition, Stew Peters.

I didn’t find too much wrong with this documentary in particular, but I would be wary of taking other information from him.

At the time of writing this article, Died Suddenly was released about 1 week ago, and has already been watched over 10 million times.

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