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The Viral Delusion

Event Name: The Viral Delusion
Event Starts: May 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The Viral Delusion is an incredibly important new documentary series.

It’s got all the world’s top scientists, doctors, and virologists, and they present an entirely different point of view to that given by the mainstream media.

Episode 1 covers everything from The Spanish Flu, Polio, AIDS, and Covid, and they examine in detail the scientific papers used to justify the plandemic.

The official story is shattered, along with the belief the virus was isolated, genetic sequencing, PCR tests, and the emergence of “new” variants.


“The first thing I did, I went back and looked at the original papers… The methodology is nonsense.” – Dr. Stefano Scoglio, Italian Biochemist.

“There is no virus… They have never found the virus in a human body… never, ever.” – Stefan Lanka, PhD, German Virologist.

“Most doctors just don’t read the methodologies… That’s why so many doctors didn’t realize what was going on.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman, USA.

“This is the story of the century… It shouldn’t have taken an independent filmmaker to get this story out.” – Mike Wallach, Hollywood Filmmaker.


The Viral Delusion is a 5-part documentary series, and Part 1 is being made available to HealthGlade subscribers for a limited time only.

PLEASE… Don’t miss out on watching this. The information is too important.

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