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Lasik Surgery Causes People to Commit Suicide

This video, Lasik Surgery Causes People to Commit Suicide, was filmed at Kerala State Science & Technology Museum & Priyadarsini Planetarium, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

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Check out this Many People Kill Themselves After Lasik Surgery video

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Check out this Many People Kill Themselves After Lasik Surgery video

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Check out this Many People Kill Themselves After Lasik Surgery video

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Check out this Many People Kill Themselves After Lasik Surgery video

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Lasik: the eye surgery which is supposed to correct your vision. You may have heard of it. You may have even heard of some horror stories, but most of them, not all of them, are suppressed by the media. The reason is that there is big money in this industry.

You can actually find a lot of the horror stories in the FDA databases, because people write in with the horror stories that they experienced post surgery. I remember reading one and there was a woman who said that the pain was “worse than childbirth”. There was another man who said that it was the “worst decision of his life”.

These stories are not uncommon. Actually, dozens of people have committed suicide after getting the Lasik surgery, due to pain and other complications, and we know this because they actually put Lasik as the reason in their suicide notes. And can you imagine how many people don’t even leave a suicide note, or maybe they do and they put something else. So the amount of suicides caused by the Lasik surgery could be in the hundreds.

Now that is not without saying that Lasik doesn’t work, because it can work. There are plenty of good success stories out there, but also there are at least 50% of people who will experience some sort of problem or horror story on their own.

While Lasik might correct the problem which was originally there, which was the bad eyesight, it often causes problems that were not there before.

The FDA in the USA was getting so many complaints that they decided to do a trial and actually start recording the post surgery complaints. This was in 2017. What they found was that about half the people who got the Lasik surgery ended up with some other type of problem.

So while their eyesight may have improved, they instead got some sort of blurriness, or distorted vision, or some other issue which wasn’t there prior to the surgery.

Glared vision, or haloed vision, or inability to handle bright lights or sunshine, or difficulty driving at night were a few of the other side effects reported after Lasik surgery.

For some specific study data, and there’s been a lot of them done. One study found that 24% of patients had glare and night vision problems, another study found that 30% saw halos and 27% saw glare, 25% saw starbursts. Another study found 44% of people had sore eyes, 40% had itching, 21% had tearing, and 21% had dry eyes. Another study found that 41% of people had night vision problems. And yet another study found that all of these problems, plus double-images were experienced by 44% of the patients.

All of these studies, and much more, show that there are a lot of problems after getting the Lasik surgery, so what about this supposed 95% success rate or satisfaction rate claimed by Lasik. Look at the terminology. Now, the reason they get away with this is because they do a survey, lets say there is 20 questions, and if the patient is satisfied with just one thing, lets say the surgery was clean, like the office there, then they can class them as a satisfied patient. So although they may have been unsatisfied with something else, because of one tiny thing they are satisfied with they get to mark them down as a satisfied patient. So these figures are complete BS and you just can’t trust what Lasik is saying.

Keep in mind that these problems which I’ve gone over, they’re the good ones. There are a lot worse things that can happen to you. For example, the burning. There are patients which get constant burning. It’s extreme pain. You can even go blind. But for the burning, the effects can be permanent. It’s excruciating pain which never, ever goes away. That’s why so many patients end up committing suicide after the Lasik surgery.

There was one note from a suicide victim who included the line “I trusted a doctor who destroyed my eyes”. So are you going to do the same thing and trust Lasik and the doctor, and maybe destroy your eyes?

One person who is making a fuss at the moment is the former FDA Supervisor Morris Waxler. Now he was one of the guys who approved Lasik. He regrets it of course. He is campaigning to have it banned, and he claims that he was lied to, as well as the other people in the FDA, about the potential dangers of Lasik.

He knows exactly why so many Lasik surgeries are going wrong, and it’s not the skill of the surgeon, but it’s part of the procedure itself, because they do make a cut in the eye, and the eyes are supposed to heal, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the nerves don’t reconnect at all. Instead they go into what he describes as whirly gigs. They sort of loop around and end up going back on themselves. This is what causes the pain, which is never ending because that is the way which the body has re-healed the eye.

At present there are many class action lawsuits against Lasik and their clinics, and there are many which have actually gone through court already and resulted in huge payouts to the victims, and the question is: are you going to be the next one on the list?

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