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The real purpose of the Climate Change Agenda

A great article on the climate change agenda from Australia, originally published in 2009.

Globally, we are seeing a lot of action taken by world governments to tackle the supposed problem of climate change. The science behind global warming is questionable to say the least, and many people are now starting to question the true agenda of the governments.

For years they refused to even acknowledge a problem when the public was crying out to save the environment from damage caused by big business and their industrial processes. The environmental movement was gathering steam, with protests against pollution, logging and even killing whales. It seemed only a matter of time before the public forced the governments into taking action against businesses destroying the environment.

What Al Gore and his cronies did next would be considering ingenious if it wasn’t for the cruel deception they perpetuated. They managed to convince the greenies, tree huggers and even the whole world that global warming was devastating the environment and it was caused by carbon dioxide emissions. By doing this, they immediately recruited a massive army to their cause, of which many are still hoodwinked into believing today.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and does not damage the environment or contribute to global warming. The greenies have forgotten about all the other real pollutants poisoning the environment and switched all their focus to carbon dioxide. The real agenda of Al Gore and the other members of the global elite was money; lots and lots of money. They have all been fooled.



Our governments have not been shy in admitting the costs of living will rise dramatically under their environmental legislation. The carbon trading schemes will effectively tax businesses, but those costs will be passed on directly to the consumers, most notably in their energy consumption expenses. Consumers in developed countries will be the hardest hit, with the likelihood of having to compensate third world countries for the damage caused to the environment.

The third world compensation is expected to total multiple billions of dollars each year, possibly into the trillions. The EU has estimated that their citizens will be coughing up an extra 73 billion euros each year to combat climate change by 2020. The UK government has estimated its share at 9 billion pounds, with a total economic cost to each family of 600 pounds per year. If we were to see an equivalent cost in Australia, it would be in the vicinity of $1,000 per year.

This is quite a significant amount for the average family already struggling with high costs of shelter and food. Much of the cost increases will be for fuel, with the UK predicting that a million more households will be forced into fuel poverty. The governments of the world are also attempting to put people off flying, with a raft of new flight taxes ready to be imposed.

The public has had enough of taxes though. There seems to be a tax for everything these days. So this is why they are being introduced under disguised names. Carbon trading scheme and carbon credits sound much more acceptable than carbon dioxide tax. The public has failed to distinguish between a tax and other fees and charges for decades, with the government passing off car taxes as vehicle registration fees and job taxes as licensing fees. But make no mistake; these extra charges are definitely taxes.



The plethora of new energy taxes constitute the highest tax increase the world has ever seen. One of the earliest areas we can expect to see the taxes implemented in Australia is in our energy consumption. The federal governments emissions trading scheme is one tax that we will be slugged with, but another indirect tax will come in the form of smart meters.

The smart meters have just been rolled out in Victoria, and have been hyped as having numerous benefits to consumers such as the ability for power companies to shut down particular appliances in order to save you money on your power bill. A study by St. Vincent de Paul has estimated that average bills will rise by 35% or $263 per year. The situation is even worse for pensioners and stay at home mums, with daytime power costing more and bills being expected to rise by 42% on average.

It is surprising that the smart meters will increase the average bills, considering they are supposed to shut down particular appliances and also negate the need for power companies to send staff to check meter readings. With less staff and more automation, surely their costs will be lower. But on top of this, they also want to charge a fee for the meters being installed.

St. Vincent de Paul have also warmed that the emissions trading scheme taxes would add around $200 to the average power bill per year, bringing the total up to around $500 extra per household. The costs are expected to continuously rise as the carbon trading schemes swing into action. The UK is now into the fourth year of its emissions trading scheme and is now seeing an average 60% increase in energy bills compared to the old levels.



Al Gore is probably the greatest con artist so far this century. First he has managed to convince the public that there is a global warming problem, and now he is working with the world governments to force everyone to purchase carbon credits from his company. Many independent reporters have revealed the massive amounts of money Gore stands to make from his promotion of global warming.

Apart from being a fraudster, reporters have also exposed Gore as being a carbon reduction hypocrite. His luxury mansion in Nashville uses more than twenty times the power used by an average American, for which Gore defends himself by noting he purchases carbon offsets. But the carbon offsets are being purchased from Generation Investment Management, a company he partly owns and acts as the chairman.

The science he manufactured for his Oscar winning film An Inconvenient Truth has been the subject of heated criticism. A US congressman blasted “You’re not just off a little. You’re totally wrong” in response to Gore’s incredible documentary claims. In the UK, Lord Monckton sued to stop the film being shown in British schools, noting a total of nine serious factual errors. The judge found in favour of Monckton and ordered a corrected version to be produced.

In the last couple of years, ice has been melting at record low levels and also refreezing at some of the highest rates seen; making a total mockery of any global warming claims. But the propaganda machine pushes on, instead referring to the problems as climate change or climate catastrophe. The punch-line has now been changed to ‘the only thing that can stop catastrophic climate change is a global tax on greenhouse gas emissions’. When will the lies cease?

With the emerging international carbon credit trading market worth an estimated US $150 billion by 2012, we may never see an end to the fraudulent science carrying a Hitleresque agenda. Rothschild Australia and E3 International have recently announced their intention to launch a Carbon Ring Consortium, an investment vehicle for companies in the Asia Pacific Region. We can expect more companies looking to cash in on the carbon trading scheme as the tax dollars roll in.



Initially, the global warming epidemic was easy to believe. The release of An Inconvenient Truth only furthered the belief and created an avalanche of global warming combat supporters. But the number of people under Al Gore’s spell is steadily reducing, as more and more scientists are coming out and exposing his lies.

The Pew Research Centre has been following the trend among US citizens, taking a poll both in this month and April 2008. Despite the intense media push for the global warming agenda, the amount of Americans who believe in global warming has fallen from 71% to 57%, with the belief in the problem being caused by human activity dropping from 47% to 36%. Of the same people surveyed, the amount of people believing it is a very serious problem went down from 44% to 35% and those believing it is not a problem at all rose from 11% to 17% of the population.

The level of climate change believers also experienced a fall from the 2007 survey to 2008, but this last year has seen a far greater reduction in those falling for the hype. To combat the public’s growing negative views on the climate change scam they have coined a new term to describe those not believing the propaganda – Climate change deniers. The term is deliberately linked to the Holocaust denier tag given to those who question the real happenings at Auschwitz, trying to form a connotation between both parties. Funnily enough, being called a denier seems to mean that you are preaching the truth, as neither global warming nor the events at Auschwitz are exactly as we are told.

Maybe the most glowingly obvious chink in the global warming scam and push to save the environment is that Al Gore and his cronies couldn’t care less about stopping real pollutants entering into the environment. Nothing has been done to stop the toxic waste produced by every single industrial factory as they emit poisonous fumes into the air and dump harmful chemicals into our water systems. Nuclear waste seems to be fine in their book, and ironically the energy saving CFL globes produce massive amounts of toxic mercury.

The harsh truth is that carbon taxes will not reduce the amount of carbon dioxide entering the environment. In theory, big businesses will be taxed and that should be an incentive for them to reduce their carbon output, but in reality all they do is purchase carbon credits and pass the extra cost on consumers. In effect, all that will happen is that money will flow from our pockets into the pockets of Al Gore and others running the carbon credit trading firms. That’s why they are calling it the greatest tax scam ever.



In Copenhagen this December, the United Nations will be hosting a climate change conference. It is here that virtually every nation is expected to sign a climate change treaty. Unfortunately for the citizens of different nations in the world, the treaty will have disastrous consequences for their sovereignty.

The treaty proposes a shift of power from each nation and places them under the control of an unelected world government, whose powers supersede those of each signatory nation’s constitutions. When that treaty is signed, a communist government will officially be in control of the world. Worse still, it is virtually impossible for a country to reverse its signature, since it requires the approval of all other nations to escape.

For many years our Australian politicians have tried to turn us into a republic to remove our powerful constitutional rights, but were outvoted in numerous referendums. Now the constitution will be thrown out the window and we won’t even have a say in it.

Preparations for the one world government have been underway for some time now. The US has seen the greatest advancements, with the introduction of the Environmental Police. They have the power to perform mandatory home inspections at the house-holders expense, as well as issuing fines every day until compliance is met. The Global Warming Gestapo has already arrived.

More than half of their nation’s clergy is employed by government agencies to preach their global warming propaganda to their flocks. Workers frequently entering homes such as cable TV technicians and maids are being trained as citizen spies and being forced to report environmental crimes. Even the children are being brainwashed into the agenda at school, with teachers advising them to report their parents for eco-crimes such as taking hot baths or leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth.



The classic songs tell us that the children are our future. Al Gore believes this as well. In addition to turning children against their parents in favour of the environment, the school system is proving a critical player in the push for global warming acceptance. American children do not have the information or intelligence to question what they are being taught and it provides the perfect opportunity for the global elite to indoctrinate them with their agendas.

At present, school children across the US are being frightened to death with savage storytelling. Gone are the harmless fairy-tales we all knew as children, as they are being replaced with stories of monster tornados, rising oceans, desert-like droughts and millions of people dying. They are also told that the cause of all of these future events is man-made global warming. Unlike us adults who can see through the lies once comparative evidence is presented, it will be a lot harder to remove twelve years of indoctrination from their poisoned minds once they complete school.

If the children can carry the global warming agenda into the future, they are likely to adopt some truly terrible government policies. Like China, overpopulation will be a concern and the amount of children we may have will also be reduced to one per family, with excess babies being murdered. There will also be internal genocide within many nations for the deliberate purpose of population reduction, with UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown being on record stating that their population must fall to 30 million.

The US currently predicts climate change legislation will be responsible for the loss of 2.5 million jobs, increases of trillions of dollars in tax charges and a reduced standard of living. Their government is already building ‘eco-communities’ in many parts of the US, which are apartment building style complexes designed to pack in people and resemble living conditions of rats. President Obama has also proposed ‘prolonged detention’, which is nice way of describing ‘pre-crime’. Yes, that’s right; Obama plans to lock people up for crimes they haven’t even committed yet.

The governments of the world are obsessed with total domination and control. Taxing us for everything under the sun is a continuous goal for them. The plan to tax us for breathing and our oxygen intake was mooted long ago. The idea could never be accepted, but they have figured out a way around it. Rather than taxing what goes in, they have managed to introduce taxes on what comes out. In the coming years it will become official when we are individually taxed on our bodily carbon dioxide emissions. Surely our impending future society will be far worse than living under Hitler in Nazi Germany.