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Pagers add further proof that 9-11 was an inside job

The 9-11 attacks, or 11-9 as they should be called in the rest of the world who puts their dates in the correct order, will long be recognised as one of the defining moments in world history. But how they will be remembered is not so clear, with the official version of events becoming increasingly shaky by the day. The latest damage has been caused by the leaking of 24 hours of pager messages around the time of the attacks, and adds weight to the argument that the 9-11 was staged by the government, rather than by terrorists.

The pager messages were leaked on Wikileaks, which is a website devoted to revealing suppressed information that is important to the wellbeing of the general public. It is not known who supplied the information, or how it was obtained. Pager messages are very simple to intercept and this is one possibility, or they may have been released by a government insider. Text pagers are usually carried by people in an official capacity, such as Police, FEMA, FBI and Pentagon officials, which makes the releases all the more interesting.



From the beginning, there have been numerous claims that the twin towers were deliberately brought down in a controlled demolition. This has always made more sense than the planes and fires being the real cause. Facts like the fires burning at around half the heat required to melt the metal frames, and that the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of a plane hit have always left holes in the official story.

But apart from the scientific holes in the official story, there were hundreds of eye-witnesses who claim that they saw the building being demolished. Fire-fighters provided a mountain of evidence that explosives had been planted in the buildings, including the Assistant Fire Commissioner saying “I saw low-level flashes. . . . I . . . saw a flash flash flash . . . [at] the lower level of the building [not up where the fire was]. You know like when they . . . blow up a building?” These claims were also verified by a lieutenant fire-fighter and also the police, who said “it looked like a planned implosion.”

Other fire-fighters did not see the explosions, but had heard them. Accounts of events include a fire-fighter saying “There was just an explosion. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions”; while another stated “it almost sounded like bombs going off, like boom, boom, boom, like seven or eight”. It wasn’t only fire-fighters who heard it, such as a paramedic who reported “do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop? . . .that’s exactly what [I] thought it was”.

The demolition story also hit the news headlines; with CBS’s Dan Rather reporting that the collapse was “reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen [when] a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.” CNN’s Aaron Brown and a Fox News reporter also made similar comments, while a Wall Street Journal reporter said “I heard this metallic roar, looked up and saw what I thought was just a peculiar site of individual floors, one after the other exploding outward. I thought to myself, “My God, they’re going to bring the building down.” And they, whoever they are, had set charges . . . . I saw the explosions”.



Eye-witness testimonies were never included in the official 9-11 commission report, although many of the eye-witnesses were confirmed as having given evidence. Even the FBI believed that bombs in the buildings had brought them down, but they too were ignored; as was the evidence that traces of the explosive thermite were found in the demolished buildings rubble. Now that the pager text release seems to confirm the evidence supporting a controlled demolition, we will just have to sit back and wait to see if this evidence is also ignored.

There are literally thousands of pager messages detailing reports of bombs or explosions, and although some of them could be put down to false information being passed around, others are undeniable evidence of a controlled demolition. The messages sent just after the buildings were brought down are probably the best confirmation possible. WTC 2 collapsed at 9:59am, while WTC 1 fell at 10:28am. The pager texts include messages such as:

2001-09-11 09:54:14 Metrocall [1708879] D  ALPHA  s MSG: Breaking News::  NEW YORK _ Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.   —————————————————- Yahoo! Auctions – Bid on the hottest items, get the coolest price! h

2001-09-11 09:57:21 Arch [1604987] C  ALPHA  Y! <y-alerts@yah|Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:59:46 Arch [0821906] A  ALPHA  There was another explosion in NYC next the the Trade Center.

2001-09-11 10:02:08 Arch [0916644] B  ALPHA  [email protected]|Another explosion|Another explosion has occurred and collapsed a portion of tower #2!

2001-09-11 10:04:09 Metrocall [1261437] D  ALPHA  Another bomb/explosion under the world trade center h

2001-09-11 10:04:31 Skytel [005507202] A  ALPHA  [email protected]|FlashNet Event|NYC: Third explosion apparently collapses Southern tower of World Trade Center.

2001-09-11 10:04:54 Skytel [003927743] D  ALPHA  [email protected]|RE: Please call me.  I am in my office| NYSE is also bombed.  I am leaving the building.  I am with HARI. Pray for me.


2001-09-11 11:24:58 Skytel [004517862] B  ALPHA  Kim is on her way over…FYI: Twin Towers have collasped due to bombing.

2001-09-11 11:28:33 Skytel [0001809] A  ALPHA  !Breaking News!.>Planes Crash Into World Trade Center Towers; Both Towers Collapse Amid Explosions & Fires..>Planes Were Hijacked — AA Flights



The pager leaks have come hot on the heels of the public gaining access to other critical information about official 9-11 storylines that just don’t add up. One of these was the flight data from flight 77, which was apparently hijacked and flown into the Pentagon. The plane was fitted with a sensor on the cockpit door which recorded if it was open or closed every four seconds during the flight. The data shows that the door was closed for the whole flight, which has proven that the flight was not hijacked.

This has come as no surprise to those questioning the government version of events for 9-11. Photos of the ‘plane wreckage’ at the Pentagon which have been published have always contradicted the official story. For starters, the wreckage did not contain parts from the flight 77 aircraft, and the hole in the wall was not large enough for the plane to fit through. The whole event was also recorded on a nearby security camera, but of course the government confiscated this and it has never been released. What a leak this piece of evidence would make if it ever found its way onto Wikileaks.

The pager texts on Wikileaks raises further doubts that a plane ever hit the pentagon, with a number of texts detailing a helicopter was actually involved, including:

2001-09-11 09:50:03 Arch [1020272] A  ALPHA  it’s reported that a US military helicopter circled the building then crashed into or next to the Pentagon – it’s not clear to whether it was the White House or the Pentagon – they are being evacuated

2001-09-11 09:52:42 Skytel [004543328] A  ALPHA  two planes, apparently hijacked, one a 767 from Boston crashed into WT Tower. Also reports that helicopter crashed into pentagon. all airports in US closed.

2001-09-11 10:04:57 Arch [0650077] D  ALPHA  From: [email protected] Subj: Phone 770-563-5107 AA plane flew into the Worldtrade ctr and a helicopter into the pentagon..terroristic attacks

2001-09-11 10:09:42 Skytel [004696420] B  ALPHA  Can’t get through on your cell.  The tower that was hit second seems to have collapsed.  A helicopter flew into the Pentagon and another building in Washington is on fire.  Go up

2001-09-11 10:13:52 Skytel [0001336] C  ALPHA  ]!z00]”AC];0a]<2The Pentagon has been evacuated because of an apparent terrorist helicopter crash…]$ (38



The second last message is interesting, because it reports another building in Washington being on fire. They may have been referring to the car bomb at the State Department in Washington. It was reported by a couple of news stations, including BBC and CBS, but then the story vanished from thin air. We are still left wondering whether it did or did not happen.

The most likely case is that it was simply a case of reporting the news before it occurred, with the bomb then failing to detonate for some reason. If so, it would be a case of déjà vu for BBC, who reported the WTC 7 collapsing 23 minutes before it happened. Regardless of whether the incident actually occurred, it was certainly well communicated by pagers, with thousands of reports being sent, including:

2001-09-11 10:24:10 Arch [0867607] B  ALPHA  cteasley|A car bomb just exploded outside the state department bldg.

2001-09-11 10:26:42 Arch [1631993] C  ALPHA  From Jeremy Thomas Sub:Matt – a car bomb has gone off next to the state dept in Washington.


2001-09-11 10:40:14 Metrocall [1466326] B ALPHA Frm: IPN Sub: New York City Txt: UPDATE: Confirmed Car bomb has just gone off at the State Department IPN

2001-09-11 10:40:33 Skytel [005325854] D ALPHA [email protected]| CNN Breaking News|BREAKING NEWS from — Car bombing at the State Department, The Associated Press reports. For complete coverage of this story visit:… or AOL Keyword:

2001-09-11 14:08:31 Skytel [007523084] D  ALPHA  Y! || Car bomb explodes outside State Department, senior law enforceement officials say.



There is no doubt the pager leaks have raised even more questions about what really happened on 9-11, as well as creating more doubts over the authenticity of the official 9-11 story. There are literally hundreds of pieces of evidence showing that the US government were involved in the attacks, and hundreds more proving that the official version of events can not possibly be true.

The US military had the capability to shoot down the planes before they hit their targets, but they just happened to be involved in military war-games doing the exact same thing – shooting down hijacked planes heading for buildings. They claim that they were not able to stop the war-games or remove the fake planes from their radars, which prevented them from working out which planes were actually real. Many say that the war-games were deliberately staged to make sure the events succeeded as planned.

While on the subject of planes, it is interesting to note that the government reported speeds of the aircrafts which crashed into the twin towers at figures well above what they are structurally capable of. Before reaching the stated speeds, they would have simply disintegrated and fallen apart. There are many more scientific facts that just don’t match what the US government has told the public.

Then there is the evidence of who had prior knowledge of the attacks, including testimonies from people who were told not to be in the building that day. But maybe the most striking evidence of prior knowledge was the 40 fold increase in short selling share options for the ‘hijacked’ airlines, as well as world trade centre tenants and re-insurance companies. Naturally when these companies share prices plummeted, many people made millions of dollars instantly with the share options. All of the guilty parties have thus far had their names suppressed by the 9-11 commission.



The pager text leaks also raise questions as to whether there were additional bombs detonated in the World Trade Centre before the other explosions and controlled demolition occurred. Many messages detail how both a bomb and planes were involved, while the first message confirms a detonation occurred.


2001-09-11 09:11:37 Skytel [005258168] C  ALPHA  babe its a bomb we are evacuating the city could be a target 2 planes so far  DAN PEREZ

2001-09-11 09:19:42 Skytel [004404972] D  ALPHA  [email protected]|To Martin and JD: A plane has crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers and it appears a bom|To Martin and JD: A plane has crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers and it appears a bomb has gone

2001-09-11 09:31:50 Arch [1092970] C  ALPHA  N.Y.C. TKT#191100488 – WTC HAS BEEN HIT BY AN AIRPLANE AND A BOMB.

2001-09-11 09:04:31 Metrocall [1496845] D  ALPHA  43 only…a 747 hit the world trade center in ny city this am around the 80th floor….still on fire….just had a explosion…cnn live ch 46…mark/219

2001-09-11 09:24:44 Skytel [007664508] D  ALPHA  [email protected]|FYI|Plane crashed into World Trade Center this a.m.  18 min. later, second plane  crashed into Wrld Trd Ctr.  FBI investigating. secondary explosions occuring.



Explosions unrelated to the airplane crashes have been a feature of the proof that there were bombs in the twin towers. The texts above now act as further proof that separate explosions were thought to have occurred, with the FBI even being of the opinion that there were secondary explosions occurring.

Eye-witnesses have also reported that bombs were set off in addition to the planes striking the buildings, including some going off at the same time the planes hit. There were also a couple more explosions which were reported at random times after the towers had collapsed, such as:

2001-09-11 12:31:26 Arch [0970963] A  ALPHA  Y!|| Explosion hits another building near World Trade Center. |62

2001-09-11 15:17:59 Metrocall [1363716] B  ALPHA  Frm: Y! Txt: Fourth explosion at World Trade Center.

Although there were no pager texts detailing explosions before the planes had actually hit the World Trade Centre, there are plenty of eye-witness testimonies indicating that this in fact did occur. The assistant chief engineer of the World Trade Centre was just one of the people confirming prior bomb explosions, and he has testified that an explosion while he was on the 38th floor of the north tower threw him into the air, and left parts of the ceiling on a higher floor missing and water pipes burst. Maintenance workers also witnessed explosions in the basement, and seismic evidence has corroborated these eye-witness testimonies.



It would be natural to think that the pager texts would be used as evidence to expose the US government’s lies surrounding 9-11 and prove that it was an inside job. But we should not expect them to have any impact whatsoever on changing the official version of events, or lead to the punishments of the senior US officials seemingly behind this tragedy.

The 9-11 commission was simply a farce, and has instead proven to be further evidence of corruption at the highest levels. Mountains of evidence and eye-witness testimonies were completely ignored, and the 9-11 commission report failed to refer to anything that contradicted the government’s story.

As the evidence stands, there were multiple bombs and explosions that brought down the twin towers, not the ‘planes’ that were flown into the buildings and caused a couple of relatively small fires. This evidence can not be refuted, so the commission and the US government have gone down the path of ignoring the evidence and refusing to admit it occurred.

Wikileaks has taken a small step towards exposing the real perpetrators behind 9-11, and we can only hope that this first information leak will lead to other officials releasing more damning information. Otherwise, the pages of history regarding 9-11 will forever contain a false story and lies.