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Top Neuroscientist issues Urgent Warning for those taking Melatonin for Sleep

Melatonin is one of the more popular “natural remedies” for sleep issues.

But PhD Neuroscientist and Stanford Professor, Dr. Andrew Huberman, recently issued a urgent warning to everyone who takes melatonin for sleep.

He is one of the first people to speak out about the nasty side effects of melatonin supplementation and the poor regulation that is endangering lives.

22 out of 25 brands of melatonin that were independently tested were found to have inaccurate and potentially deadly dosages, sometimes 300% more.

The other problem with melatonin is that when you take it, your body stops making it, creating even greater sleeping problems in your future years.

This also means that your body doesn’t create it throughout the night, and can’t keep you asleep, leading to you waking up again after 3-4 hours.

As you keep taking melatonin hormones, it becomes harder and harder for you to both fall asleep, and stay asleep, destroying the body in the process.


Instead, Dr. Huberman recommends taking this all natural sleep mineral that promotes deeper, more rejuvenating sleep without any of the melatonin risks.

The sleep mineral is Mg10x, a safe and natural formula that is a combination of 10 different forms of magnesium, that work together to help you sleep.

In fact, 3 of these unique forms of magnesium are proven to naturally increase the body’s production of melatonin, for a deeper and longer sleep.

Mg10x is a safe way to get all the benefits of melatonin, without any of the side effects, because it assists the body to produce melatonin naturally.

Around 80% of adults in the world are deficient in magnesium, and sleep trouble is a warning sign that the body is extremely depleted of magnesium.

So if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or have poor quality sleep, thank your body that it is warning you about a magnesium deficiency.

Because this leads to coronary heart disease and other cardiac problems, neurological conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

Solve your sleep problems once and for all with this natural sleep mineral.

Mg10x is undoubtedly the best natural sleep aid you will ever come across.

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