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Illuminati Card Game: All the Cards in the Full Deck

The Illuminati Card Game was originally released in 1982 by Occultist Steve Jackson, as a game in which players control secret societies and compete with each other to control the world. This version featured 110 cards, and was so popular that it received numerous awards, including being named the best science-fiction boardgame.

Over the years, Steve Jackson Games has released a number of expansion sets for Illuminati game, including Illuminati Brainwash, Illuminati Mutual Assured Distraction, Illuminati Bavarian Fire Drill, and Illuminati Y2K, with each expansion set adding to the mystery of the game and giving a closer insight into the plans of the real Illuminati.

Steve Jackson Games also released Illuminati: Crime Lords, and a couple of Illuminati themed GURPS, but the real controversy started after the 1994 and 1995 release of Illuminati: New World Order, which was a 412 card collectable card game. With the release of this version, the Illuminati Card Game made the shift from being an intriguing and suspicious game, to one making eery predictions about future world events.

Probably the most famous cards in Illuminati: New World Order are ones featuring predictions about the 911 and Pentagon attacks in 2001, with many accusing Steve Jackson of being involved in the Illuminati and having known of their plans. Having the Illuminati allow Jackson to release this information years in advance is not surprising, as they are well known for doing the same thing in their Hollywood movies.

If there is any doubt that Steve Jackson is a member of the Illuminati, then this is definitely erased when you see the logo for Steve Jackson Games, which features the All-Seeing Eye on the Illuminati Pyramid. This is their logo in spite of them producing many other games, and Jackson probably being most famous for his involvement in Dungeons & Dragons.

The New World Order version of Illuminati, also commonly known as INWO, is still available for purchase, with all cards in the 1995 INWO Factory Set Full Deck being sold direct by Steve Jackson Games.

The game is a hot item these days, with many people looking to get their hands on all the cards of Illuminati: New World Order, to see what other interesting cards are on the list in the full deck.

We have managed to take scans of the complete card list and set and publish them below for all to view. You will be able to find many other card predictions which have ‘magically’ come true today.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any inside information or knowledge on any of the rarer cards shown.