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Is Your Non-Stick Cookware Killing You?

Is your non-stick cookware killing you?

If you are still using Teflon pans, the answer is yes.

I actually made a video on the dangers of Teflon a few years back.

To know the complete dangers of Teflon, I highly suggest watching it below.

But to summarize, it causes cancer, liver disease, pancreatic disease, birth defects, infertility, obesity, diabetes, hormone problems, and brain damage.

Studies have shown it kills birds, rats, dogs, monkeys, and also humans.

You see, the heat causes dangerous Teflon fumes to be released, and you breathe them in as you cook on Teflon pans.

A CDC study found the Teflon chemicals in the blood of 99.7% of Americans.

We’ve all been exposed, but the problem is that it accumulates in the bloodstream, until you get one of the diseases above, or you die horribly.


I’ve known about the dangers of Teflon for quite a few years now, and obviously haven’t used it, instead opting for safe alternatives.

I remember once I found out, and it was a really hard to sift through all the research on what is the safest cookware to use.

But after doing many hours of painstaking research, I had the answer.

Aluminium is of course a no-go, as it leaches into your food easily, and the same goes for other metals like copper, titanium, and carbon steel (less).

I used to think stainless steel was a safe alternative, but there is some newer research that shows its metals also leach, especially when with acidic food.

Cast iron has a great reputation, but there are traces of iron that get in your food too, although small, and its hard to maintain, and doesn’t last long.

Glass is great, but it can crack easily when cooking, or when washing.

Eco non-stick is basically a scam and still has Teflon or Teflon-like chemicals.

Ceramic is the best of the bunch, but as long as it’s 100% pure ceramic, because almost all of the inferior ceramic cookware leaches heavy metal.

And the other benefit of 100% pure ceramic is that it’s non-stick too.

That’s a photo above of one of the ceramic pans that I recently purchased.

It’s from the Chefs Foundry P600 Cookware range, and I got the set of 3 pans, a set of 6 cooking utensils, and a square grill pan.

The reason why I chose Chefs Foundry is because their ceramic is recognized as being the world’s safest non-stick cookware material.

Every single batch is independently tested for toxins like metals and PFAs.

The quality is so high that they even tested it by running it over with a car.

And… the price… it’s much lower than the other high-end ceramic cookware.

It’s a purchase that I’m very glad I made.

Yes, these are actually photos of a few things I’ve tried cooking up.

These pans are really easy to cook with, and surprisingly, they are much more non-stick than Teflon, with the food literally sliding off afterwards.

Plus, there were a few unexpected benefits that I am happy about.

It’s really nice too cook on a white pan, since the others are all black or grey, because you get a crystal clear view of the food and what you are cooking.

I didn’t realize that the pans come with handles that you can easily clip on and off, and this is something that has made my life much easier.

It’s much easier to wash, you can store it on the drying rack or in cupboards easier, and it’s easier to cook with if you have multiple pans on the stove.

Plus, I’ve already been travelling with them (and my water filter), and the handle comes off and sits inside the pan, so it easily fits inside your suitcase.

These are things you don’t even think about, because there is nothing worse than renting a holiday house and finding they have Teflon pans.

Overall, I’m super happy with the Chefs Foundry P600 Cookware.

It’s going to be something that lasts me for a very long time, and is one less health danger I wont have to think about for many years.

If you watched my video above on Teflon dangers, I’m sure you’re going to change your cookware, and remove this health danger from your own life.

I’ve been in contact with the team at Chefs Foundry, and have arranged a special discount for HealthGlade subscribers.

You’ll get a 50% discount, a free set of soft touch cooking utensils valued at $19.95, free shipping (USA only), and a 60 day money back guarantee.

For international orders, there is a small shipping charge. Put your country in the state field, and they will contact you afterwards. Or email them directly.

For how deadly Teflon pans are, or even the heavy metals leaching from the other types, this is easily the best health decision you will make this year.

At the very least, please check out their page for even more info on Teflon.

Click the button above to go to the Chefs Foundry Page