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The Powerfully Simple Approach to Energy Healing With Quantum-Touch

Event Name: The Powerfully Simple Approach to Energy Healing With Quantum-Touch
Event Starts: 25th April 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Do you know that you already possess the power to heal your body?

You have the ability to permanently correct posture and bodily alignment, reduce pain and inflammation, help balance emotional distress, and more.

You can tap into this power using a method called Quantum-Touch.

It was devised by Richard Gordon, a pioneer in energy medicine, having 45+ years of experience in holistic health, and an author of 5 best selling books.

It works by using energetic breathing and body-awareness techniques to raise your energy levels, then you can tap into your internal healing abilities.

Since the body doesn’t distinguish between physical and emotional issues, it works on the body’s organs, glands, & systems while it’s balancing emotions.

Quantum-Touch is so powerful that you can not only heal yourself & others in person, but heal others near and far due to it’s remote healing capabilities.

Neurosurgeon and pain specialist, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, tested it on his most difficult chronic pain patients, and gave it a glowing endorsement.

He called it “the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.”

It truly works, because unlike other healing techniques, Quantum-Touch realigns the insides of the body, correcting energy flow and pinched nerves.


Richard Gordon will be teaching Quantum-Touch in a 1-hour online event.

He will share a guided practice called “running energy”, where you move your awareness of your body from feet to head as you inhale.

Then gather the energy in your hands as you exhale, holding a high vibration there, and allowing frequencies to match up through biological entrainment.

The Quantum-Touch technique is surprisingly simple, and it may end up being the easiest skill you’ve ever learned, and one you can use for life.

In this 1-hour event, Quantum-Touch promises to permanently (and visibly) align the hips and occiptal bones in seconds.

You’ll also learn how to discern the emotional causes of health conditions – so you can start processing and releasing core built-up emotions.

You will gain healing skills that you can use for yourself, your loved ones, and even those who may not understand it, such as children and pets.

Plus, as a cherry on top… you’ve probably heard of the law of attraction… well it turns out that almost everybody has been taught it backwards.

Once you learn the true law of attraction, you can really turn your life around.

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