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Sam and Dave: A Covidiot Story

This wonderful interaction story has been floating around the internet, and it accurately describes the typical COVID-19 believer, taking the government and scientists to be their Gods, and refusing to use their brains and examine the “facts” they are given.

The Majority… ??‍♂️

Sam: Why are we in ‘lockdown’?

Dave: Because there’s a virus.

Sam: Who told you there’s a ‘virus’?

Dave: The government. And scientists.

Sam: Have you seen any credible evidence of this?

Dave: Yes, people are dying from it.

Sam: How do you know they died from it?

Dave: Because the government said so. And the NHS.

Sam: So where is this ‘virus’? How do you catch it?

Dave: If someone has it, it lives on them and around them, and on things they’ve touched.

Sam: So, the ‘virus’ is a living thing, something that can be airborne outside of the human body?

Dave: Of course.

Sam: Who told you that?

Dave: The government. And scientists.

Sam: Have you ever seen any solid evidence of this? I’d be genuinely happy to look at it.

Dave: I don’t need to, and I’m not a scientist, so I wouldn’t understand it anyway. Have you ever seen any credible evidence that the virus can’t be airborne?

Sam: Yes, would you like to see it?

Dave: Has it come from the government?

Sam: No.

Dave: It will probably be fake then.

Sam: Are you willing to look at it?

Dave: No.

Sam: So, you’re happy to just take your governments word for it? Happy to trust politicians and their ‘expert’ advisors?

Dave: Absolutely, they’re our leaders, and we must do what they tell us.

Sam: And what exactly have they told us?

Dave: That there’s a pandemic, and that we must follow their rules.

Sam: But apart from claiming people are dying from it, you’ve not seen any evidence that this virus is what they’re telling us it is?

Dave: No.

Sam: So, again, why are we in lockdown?

Dave: Because there’s a virus….