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Help Me! The Doctors Can’t Work Out What Is Wrong With Me

Do you have health problems, major or minor, and have been to every doctor imaginable, all to be told that they don’t know what is wrong with you?

Or even worse, they don’t believe you and say it’s all in your head.

Or maybe they do give you a diagnosis, but their treatments have no effect whatsoever, and you remain sick with your illness or condition.

Here’s the problem…

Their “run of the mill” tests are practically useless.

In fact, for all of the most commonly ordered lab tests, NONE of them test for any environmental toxins.

It’s estimated that over 97% of people living in modernized countries have dangerously high levels of disease causing toxins in their bodies.

They are known to be the underlying cause in many diseases, incl. heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

And symptoms like depression, fatigue, gut problems and fertility issues.

If you don’t test for these toxins, you’ll never find the cause of the illness.

And if you treat a disease without removing these toxins, the treatment won’t work, even if you give the best medicines in the world.


Testing for toxins is a CRITICAL step that you must take, for anyone suffering with a mystery disease or unpleasant symptoms that won’t go away.

And after years of testing, tweaking, and retesting, Dr. Elena Villaneuva has found the PERFECT combination of lab tests for toxic disease triggers.

These are the most advanced functional lab tests available, and she currently has a Black Friday Special, giving them away at 62% off.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Toxic Mold Test – Your immune response will be tested against nearly 300 species of toxic mold. If you’ve been sick for 2 years or longer, there is a 75% chance that at least 1 toxic mold is to blame for your problems.

Heavy Metals Test – This test examines 20 of the heavy metals known to cause neurological problems, autoimmune diseases, oxidative stress, and cellular dysfunction, including some of the radioactive ones.

Organic Acids Test – Organic acids can cause behavioral problems and movement disorders. 75 markers are tested for inflammation, leaky gut, brain chemistry, mitochondrial stress, malabsorption, toxic burden, and more.

Environmental Chemical Toxins – They can be in food, clothing, shampoo, makeup, furniture, cleaning liquids, medications, and practically everything you get exposed to in your daily life through eating, touching, and breathing.

After you take these 4 tests, you’ll know which toxins are causing disease in your body, or are very close to the critical levels and are about to explode.

And you’ll also be given an instructional video where you’ll learn what the results really mean, and how to erase the damage that they have caused.


The Toxic Triggers Lab Test Bundle is 62% off for a limited time only.

I can highly recommend this as someone everyone needs to do.

We sometimes have no idea of our past exposures to chemicals and toxins.

And we may be very close to the tipping point of a serious disease.

Maybe you are storing a toxin that is contained in your favorite food, and having it a few more times will create a toxic burden in your body.

Maybe it’s a chemical off-gassing from your office chair, maybe it’s a metal in your home water supply, or maybe it’s unseen hidden mold in your house.

Once you have identified any toxic at a burdened level in your body and remove it, your health will instantly increase to levels you can’t imagine.

It may be the single quickest way known to man to recover from disease.

The Toxic Triggers Lab Test Bundle (Black Friday Special) ends 30-November.

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