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The Most Effective Detox Product on the Planet

Did you know that every day your body is exposed to over 80,000 toxins?

These toxins get stored in your fat cells, making it hard to lose weight.

They mess with your brain – you lose your memory, clarity, and focus.

They interfere with your immune system, leading to more disease.

They disrupt your endocrine systems, causing poor sleep and low energy.

I’m a big advocate for avoiding toxins, but the reality is they’re unavoidable.

They’re in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

That is why I recommend consistent toxin detoxes to remain healthy.

And there is a way you can do this in just 30 seconds per day.


The no.1 way to detox is by using Clinoptilolite, a special form of volcanic minerals called zeolites, which can both absorb and adsorb toxins.

Zeolites are a rare mineral that has a natural negative charge, allowing it to act as a magnet to positively charged toxins in the body.

Clinoptilolite in particular has over 300 studies listed on PubMed, proving its natural ability to trap toxins, heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

It’s highly recommended by doctors, because it can carry toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium out of the body within just a few hours.

Some of the studies on PubMed show that Clinoptilolite ONLY removes toxins, never any good nutrients, making it the perfect detoxifying compound.

Pure Body Extra e1

Research shows the best Clinoptilolite zeolite product is Pure Body Extra.

There are a few things that distinguish it from other zeolite (or even detox) products that are on the market, and make it more powerful, and safer.

Pure Body Extra undergoes a cleansing process that removes any pre-existing pollutants from the zeolite, bringing it back to 100% effectiveness.

During the cleaning process, they also load the zeolite with beneficial minerals, so the bad toxins and replaced with good minerals in the body.

They have also used sound wave technology to turn it into a colloidal zeolite, meaning it can go deep into the cellular level to remove trapped toxins.

Their purification process means it is non-toxic, and safe for long-term use.

Studies on Pure Body Extra have shown it can removes toxins including:

  • Heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, & Aluminum
  • Chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA), Pesticides, & Herbicides
  • Carcinogens like Nitrosamines, Benzene, & Radioactive Materials
Pure Body Extra e2

I’ve managed to secure a special introductory offer for Pure Body Extra.

It’s exclusive to HealthGlade subscribers, and only available for 1 week.

Pure Body Extra comes in a spray bottle, and because it’s odorless and tasteless, it’s really easy to take regularly, as you just spray it in your mouth.

The bottle is normally sold for $79.95, but you can now get it for just $5.

This gives you a chance to test the product and notice the difference it makes once it removes the toxins from your body.

They do have a subscription plan (at a discounted rate), free shipping to most major countries, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

One of the major reasons of illness is exposure to toxins, and once they are removed from the body, you’ll see magic happen.

Your sleep is improved, you have more energy, better digestion, your skin and hair become more youthful, and you can recover from diseases.

I highly recommend you give Pure Body Extra a try, because I know you’ll love having a chemical and toxin free body that functions properly again.

$5 can literally change your life.

The Pure Body Extra $5 HealthGlade subscriber special ends on 15th Jan.

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