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1 Billion People are Dangerously Deficient in this Mineral

There is 1 mineral that’s said to be behind a vast majority of health problems.

Scientists estimate that 80-90% of the population is below optimum levels.

But an estimated 1.1 billion people are dangerously deficient in this mineral.

It’s Zinc.


Fortunately, if you are dangerously deficient in zinc, you get warning signs.

1. Sleep issues – those with insomnia have significantly lower levels of zinc
2. Immune issues – prone to colds, flus, and have a fragile immune system
3. Low sex drive – you can’t make the necessary hormones for libido
4. Bad moods – your hormones are totally out of whack without zinc
5. Overweight – your metabolism is slow without adequate levels of zinc
6. Teeth issues – gums bleed easily, and there is tooth decay & yellow teeth
7. Nails – vertical or horizontal lines on your nails, or spots, lines or spooning
8. Wrinkles – collagen and retinol need zinc to prevent premature wrinkles
9. Acne – unexplained breakouts occur in people with low serum zinc levels
10. Sex hormones – men low testosterone / women poor menstrual cycles
11. Infertility – Without the proper male/female hormones, you’re infertile
12. Muscles – poor athletic / sport recovery, and difficulty building muscles
13. Low energy – related to hormones, metabolism, and mitochondria
14. Diabetes – blood sugar imbalances occur in the absence of zinc
15. Hair – becomes brittle and lifeless, and in many cases starts to fall out
16. Panda eyes – the dark circles under the eyes are linked to zinc deficiency


All of these factors have been proven by over 1,000 clinical scientific studies.

For example in one study, 2 groups were given the exact same calories, and the group given zinc lost more weight than the group that wasn’t given zinc.

And a study on “underdeveloped” men found that when men are given zinc, they grow taller, develop stronger bones, and became sexually mature.

Zinc is involved in over 300 critical reactions in the body, and if your levels are too low, these reactions don’t happen, and you create disease.

It’s more crucial today then ever, because modern diets contain high levels of phytates, which bind to zinc and prevent it being absorbed by the body.

And apart from the food, there are unavoidable toxins in the air and water, which also reduce levels of zinc in the body.

How many of the above list of zinc deficiency symptoms do you have?


Can all of these problems be reversed by taking zinc supplements?

Most of the time… no.

Except if you are taking the right zinc supplement.

Let me explain…

You see, our bodies don’t just need one or two forms of zinc.

Research shows that there are 7 critical forms of zinc that you need.


1. Zinc Citrate – Found in toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, and breath mints, because it is good for gums, teeth, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath.

2. Zinc Glycinate – Helps with sex drive, testosterone levels, skin health, hair health, wound healing, and many types of eye and vision problems.

3. Zinc Picolinate – An antioxidant which prevents oxidative damage and DNA damage, it’s great for liver health, detoxing and has anti-aging benefits.

4. Zinc Ascorbate – Stops colds coming on, and bacteria & microbes infecting you, with it’s immune protection benefits, and it stabilizes blood sugar levels.

5. Zinc Methionate – This form is essential for carbohydrate metabolism, and is necessary for over 100 different enzyme reactions, incl. bones and growth.

6. Zinc Orotate – This is the smallest form of zinc, so it can pass through cell membranes, and is more bioavailable, getting it to areas that really need it.

7. Zinc Acetate – They put this in cold lozenges to reduce symptoms and speed up recovery, because it’s great for infections and cell regeneration.


Normally, to get all the forms of zinc, you would have to buy 7 different zinc supplements, take 20+ pills each day, and spend $100’s of dollars a month.

But you can get all forms of zinc in Zinc7, from True Cellular Formulas.

This is the only supplement on the market that contains all 7 forms of zinc.

Not only does it contain all 7 forms of zinc, but it has rose hips, and purple VCAPs, a patented technology which gives the perfect nutrient delivery.

The different forms are synergized, creating an ultimate “Super Zinc” tablet.

This has been a huge breakthrough in the supplement field, and has given hope to millions of people worldwide with zinc deficiencies and symptoms.


Yes, zinc can transform your hormone health, recharge your libido, speed up your metabolism, restore your teeth and gums, & help you sleep like a baby.

Bad moods will disappear, your nails, skin, and hair will miraculously repair themselves, plus you’ll have youthful abundant energy, and much more.

Zinc7 has been a revelation for many, helping them overcome their horrid zinc deficiency symptoms, and get them back to full health again.

Don’t underestimate the power of Zinc7 in getting your health back.

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