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Is this Toxin in your Washing Machine slowly Killing You?

There is a hidden danger lurking inside your laundry machine.

It likes to hide away deep inside the machine, so you don’t know it’s there.

And it sticks to your clothes after you wash them, going on a journey with you the next time you wear them, slowly poisoning you in the process.

It’s mold (and the mycotoxins it gives off) – the deadly neurotoxin.

And if you open up your laundry machine, you’ll find it hiding inside there.

Because it’s dark, wet, and humid inside there – the perfect breeding ground.


But mold is just 1 of the 3 hidden threats luring inside your laundry machine.

You’ll also have detergent residue in there, which by itself can cause damage to your laundry machine, but it also acts as a sticky pad for foreign matter.

Organic materials like food, grass, and pollen that are left on clothes will stick to the detergent residue, and these materials nourish and multiply germs.

And the third threat is from bacteria, since the laundry machine has dark crevices and cracks that act as prime hiding spots and breeding factories.


If you’ve got mold, germs, or bacteria inside your laundry machine, then you will be getting them on your clothes every time you do a wash, guaranteed.

Over time, these exposures will be slowly killing you, putting your life at risk.

If you’ve got mold in your lungs, it’s a seriously horrible disease, and you will suffer for years without ever realizing that a laundry machine was the cause.


If you’ve never cleaned your laundry machine, you’ve got to start today!

Truly Free is giving away 3 of their Laundry Machine Cleaners for free.

They easily eliminate toxic mold, smelly odors, dirty grime, disease-causing germs and deadly bacteria from your laundry machine.

You’ll have a clean, fresh and pleasant smelling machine (and clothes).

Plus with no detergent sludge you’ll actually extend the life of the machine.

It’s as simple as tossing the cleaning bag inside your laundry machine, running a heavy, hot water cycle, and then your machine is perfectly clean.


These non-toxic cleaners use the power of 5 natural ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate – Neutralizes odors and conquers stains.

Sodium Chloride – Common table salt knocks out mineral buildup.

Sodium Acetate – A natural mold warrior that also fights grime.

Sodium Citrate – A descaling agent that also gets rid of grease and dirt.

Citric Acid – Nature’s best organic residue and mineral deposit remover.


Exclusive to HealthGlade subscribers, Truly Free is giving away a special offer of 3 Free Laundry Machine Cleaners for every one that is purchased.

They do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place, and a 30-day money back guarantee too, so there is literally nothing to lose.

Don’t put your health at risk just because you can’t see the danger inside your machine, because trust me, it’s there and it needs to be cleaned out.

The Truly Free Laundry Machine Cleaner HealthGlade subscriber special ends 14th Nov.

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