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Your Path to the 100 Year Heart

Event Name: Your Path to the 100 Year Heart
Event Starts: 16th February 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Polar opposites…

Every 34 seconds someone in the US dies from heart disease.

Yet, others have hearts that will live and flourish past 100 years.

Dr. Jack Wolfson knows this situation like the back of his hand.

He is a board certified cardiologist, Amazon best-selling author, and is recognized as the USA’s #1 natural heart doctor.

He was a mainstream doctor for 16 years, and knows giving out dangerous prescription meds to cover the symptoms of heart disease is not the answer.

He’s seen too many patients with high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy, and more, suffer.

He knows heart health will never be achieved with drugs, stents or surgeries.

He knows the cause of heart disease is not “genetics” or “old age”.

He knows that heart disease can be prevented… naturally.

Which is why he left a large cardiology group after he realized the western treatments were doing more harm than good to his patients.

So he left the mainstream model, and using his own special methods, has helped 1000s of people to reverse their heart disease naturally.

Patients who follow his method of eating, living, and thinking well, get on the path to achieving the 100 year heart.

The 100 year heart is something anyone can achieve.

Because he’s seen it over and over again with his patients.

You can learn how to get one yourself at Dr. Wolfson’s exclusive 7-day online summit, Your Path To The 100 Year Heart.


Get ready to toss out everything you know about heart health.

Because you’ll find that almost all of the mainstream heart advice is wrong.

In fact, with some of their “advice”, you should be doing the exact opposite.

The truth is that there are natural solutions to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease, all without deadly drugs and dangerous surgeries.

The truth is that mainstream methods don’t work and you need other options.

Find out the real underlying causes of cardiovascular disease.

Learn what are the best and most advanced testing methods.

Discover how to determine your risk and uncover underlying issues.

Finally, know what are the best evidence based supplements to take.

Understand the “hidden” heart health dangers in your environment.

Unlock the massive healing potential within your own body.


Dr. Wolfson and 30+ experts will cover nutrition, sleep, physical activity, sunshine, detoxification, dental, chiropractic, mental health, and much more.

This summit is the 2nd doctor’s opinion that can save your life.

If you have any form of heart problems, don’t miss this event.

Restore your heart to 100% condition, and create your own 100 year heart.

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