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3 Secrets to Become Pain-Free, without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery

Event Name: 3 Secrets to Become Pain-Free, without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery (Webinar)
Event Starts: Live webinar every Thursday
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

After being begged by a patient in extreme pain, who no other doctor could help, Dr. Yoni Whitten devoted himself to finding the key to pain recovery.

What he discovered were 3 secrets to becoming pain-free, all of which could be done by people with any level of pain, without doctors, drugs, or surgery.

He also found some startling information.

  1. The doctor’s conventional approach to pain treatment is fatally flawed, and has no chance of working.
  2. The NSAIDs that are often prescribed lack any evidence that they work, and kill tens of thousands of people each year.
  3. Opioids don’t work for pain either, and during the opioid prescription hey day, they actually pushed back pain rates up 260%.
  4. Bed rest for pain has no therapeutic value, and is actually extremely harmful and delays recovery.

This data has been published in multiple medical journals over the past 3 decades (he will show you the evidence) but they still give this bad advice.


Dr. Yoni Whitten also uncovered evidence for the underlying cause of pain.

It turns out that modern living is the perfect recipe for creating pain.

We use escalators and lifts instead of stairs.

We sit at computers for work instead of doing physical jobs.

We watch TV or use our phones instead of traditional entertainment.

In the past we needed to move – to build shelter, to make fires for cooking, to hunt, gather, or harvest our food, and to work for a living.

Now, we sit down for everything and press buttons, even for cooking.

Statistically, there is 400% more back pain in developed countries.

And there is ample evidence that the modern sedentary life is the cause.

In fact, sitting is the #1 cause of back pain, no matter what position you sit in.


Pain is a warning signal to the real danger: Posture Prolapse Syndrome.

Today, this damaging forward head posture is seen in up to 70% of humans.

Apart from pain, it causes everything from carpal tunnel syndrome, to fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

It takes a lot of energy to hold the body in these inefficient positions.

Same with typing at a computer, as we were not designed to sit and hold our arms out in front of us, so it drains our energy, and ruins our posture.

In fact, this developed forward neck posture reduces our lung capacity by 30%, which is the same as a person at an altitude of 11,000 feet.

Furthermore, studies show that forward head posture makes us 2.5x more likely to develop atherosclerosis, and twice as likely to die from lung disease.

Even Killer Whales in captivity suffer from Posture Prolapse Syndrome.

In the wild, they have straight dorsal fins, with 1% having a bent one.

But for the males in places like Sea World, 100% of them suffer from it.

Without natural movement, the body develops unnatural postures, and this eventually leads to problems with chronic pain.


After discovering this underlying cause of all chronic pain issues, Dr. Yoni Whitten’s research led him to the solution that all pain sufferers search for.

He presents the solutions in his brilliant, jam-packed-with-proof webinar:

3 Secrets to become Pain-Free, without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery

He will share how he uncovered the holy grail of pain resolution, which was surprisingly published in the medical journals (and ignored) back in 1993.

You’ll learn simple movements that can decrease back pain in as little 10 minutes, reduce migraine intensity, and decrease joint pain by up to 70%.

Plus a powerful technique that will reduce ANY type of pain immediately, no matter where the pain is in the body.

The techniques don’t just help with pain, but improve your posture, make you appear more youthful, and unlock a rarely spoken hidden secret to longevity.

Dr. Yoni Whitten will also introduce you to his famous Pain Fix Protocol: A specific action plan to eliminate pain permanently, for the rest of your life.

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