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Vaccines Revealed 2023

Event Name: Vaccines Revealed 2023
Event Starts: 14th February 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

After the CV Vaccine debacle, people are starting to ask more questions.

Are any of the vaccines even effective?

If the manufacturers lied about the CV jab, did they lie about the others?

Why do they inject babies with vaccines when the medical literature says they can’t have an immune reaction because they have no immune system?

Why are they still giving flu vaccines when there are studies published in the medical journals proving they are effectively useless?

Why has every single vaccine manufacturer committed felony fraud?

Why have the vaccine manufacturers lost multi-billion dollar lawsuits relating to lies and misinformation on vaccines and their other products?

Why are there leaked pharma documents of their plan to get the media to create vaccine hype, because the investors will follow where they see profit?

Why was the CV vaccine released, when by their own admission in recent trials, they never even tested if it stopped CV transmission?

If you get injured from a vaccine, why will the government not give you compensation, and why can you not sue the vaccine manufacturers?

Why does the CV vaccine manufacturers own trial data show that you have more than 3x greater chance of dying if you took the jab, versus not?

It’s these questions and more that have led to, after this “scamdemic”, the largest drop in childhood vaccination rates in more than 30 years.


There are more dirty secrets the vaccine industry doesn’t want you to know.

The fraud and cover-ups have been going on for decades.

The pharmaceutical companies are the real pandemic.

And the scam of the CV vaccine is just the tip of the iceberg.

What else have they been up to?

It’s all covered in the new documentary series, Vaccines Revealed 2023.

Over 20 of the world’s leading medical authorities join together to reveal the deadly dangers of vaccines that have been there all along.

Much of this information is brand new, including the latest vaccine statistics and data, and it’s got further information that you won’t find anywhere else.

It is essential that everyone, pro-vax or anti-vax, watches this documentary series and is aware of the information it presents.

Because with the threat of (for profit) mandatory vaccination looming, having knowledge of the risks may be your (and mankinds) only hope.

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