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Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive

Event Name: Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive
Event Starts: 31st May 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

This series is about helping people.

Anyone who has ever taken a CV vaxxine, and got any sort of injury.

And for anyone who did not get injured yet, but may do in the future.

You see, even if you have no symptoms that you can see, there is a mechanism working in the body that you need to turn off.

We want to make you unbreakable, and destined to thrive.


Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive, is a 9 episode documentary series that contains step-by-step protocols you can use to get your health back.

This series is for everyone, whether you have taken the jab or not, and if you did, whether you got injured or disabled from it or not.

Because it shows you how the body works, what the disease mechanisms are, and most importantly, how you can heal.

You’ll hear solutions that actually work from 30 doctors, scientists, and researchers, with thousands of case studies showing you proof of healing.


Whatever your opinion is on the CV situation, we should always be open to learning more, and gaining beneficial knowledge for our future.

To be honest, I don’t agree with everything in the documentary series.

But I’ve always been a person who is willing to listen and learn.

And the knowledge on recovering from CV vaxxine injuries is important.

We all know either someone who got injured, be it a friend or family member, OR we know someone that will become vaxxine injured in the future.


Unbreakable covers:

  • Shocking vaxxine injury reports, where many are permanently disabled
  • How to protect your body with alternative treatment methods
  • The best way to stay informed when facing never-ending censorship
  • An internal report proving the FDA knew about CV jab side effects
  • The “weird” cancers that are popping up everywhere, post-CV-jab
  • Victims are losing 40% of their immune cells every month after the jab
  • How to look at data, analyze it, and make your own decisions
  • Why Bill Gates said this is a “dress rehearsal” for the next pandemic
  • Doctors and medical experts banding together to expose the agenda
  • The vaxxine is not to saves lives, but to control the population
  • How the jab affect women’s fertility, and her future children’s too
  • And much, much more…

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