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True Healing Conference

Event Name: True Healing Conference
Event Starts: 9th October 2021
Event Cost: Free seats available, and paid options

If there was one Conference which had the power to turn the entire medical establishment upside down, then this is it.

Whatever you think you know about health, sickness, and healing, prepare to have (some or all of) your opinions and beliefs shattered.

This conference is a gathering of some of the smartest medical minds in the world, who will share their expertise on many (truly) alternative health topics.

You will learn:

  • Why disease is ONLY caused by malnutrition, toxins, and injury
  • Why disease is NOT caused by bacteria, fungus, and “viruses”
  • Body electrics such as the human biofield, cymatics, and bio-photons
  • How to project thoughts after you have learned the language of water
  • The truth about the “Spanish Flu”, and what really happened
  • How to construct an Orgone Energy Blanket, and what to use it for
  • What are cymatics and how these sound waves can heal the body
  • How to detect illness using holographic blood and live blood analysis


Have a read of that list again. Some truly amazing topics.

Prepare to become TRULY healthy, and banish chronic illnesses forever.

To clarify the pricing for the event…

Firstly, there are FREE TICKETS available.

You get access to the 3 talks shown in the image below.

Then there is a $100 ticket, which gives you livestream access to all of the talks over the weekend, or $150 to get a copy of the recordings too.

Finally, there are additional paid workshops held the following weekend.

Dr. Tom Cowan’s new book is being given away for free to all virtual ticket holders in the True Healing Conference.

In addition to this, you will also receive 2 months free membership to the True Medicine Library: a repository of the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

And finally, a third bonus, is a free ticket to Dr. Kaufman’s workshop, Protocols & Remedies For Fall: Colds, Flu, And Acute Reactions.

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