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Thrive II (Free Screening)

Event Name: Thrive II Documentary
Event Starts: 26th November 2021
Event Cost: FREE to View Online (Limited Time)



THRIVE II is out, and for a limited time, it’s free to watch.

This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed film: THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?, and has been in production for the past 8 years.

Thrive I was one of the widely seen documentaries in history, having being watched over 90 million times, in 27 different languages.


Thrive II is a story about how an elite few want total global control.

But we can liberate the world using secret, but ready-made solutions.

These include cheap, clean, and limitless energy…

And cures for killer diseases, including cancer.


Over 1,000 innovators were visited by the documentary producers.

The health and energy solutions they have will astound you.

You won’t see these inventions and technologies anywhere else.

Thrive II is must watch viewing.

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