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The Truth About Cancer: The Quest for the Cures (Final Chapter)

Event Name: The Truth About Cancer: The Quest for the Cures (Final Chapter)
Event Starts: 29th March 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The pain of losing 7 family members to cancer, put Ty and Charlene Bollinger on a mission to find the Truth About Cancer.

What they found shocked them.

Natural cancer treatments were suppressed by governments.

Alternative cancer doctors were demonized by the medical industry.

And cancer therapies like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are a fraud.

In fact, these treatments can often cost upwards of $500,000.


Yes, it’s all about money.

Big Pharma runs the whole cancer charade.

But you don’t need to fear cancer.

As these suppressed (and effective) cancer treatments can still be accessed.

In The Truth About Cancer: The Quest for the Cures (Final Chapter).


This powerful 9-Part Docu-series is the culmination of over 150 interviews conducted in 25 different countries.

You will hear from cancer practitioners and cancer survivors.

And find out the cancer cures that Big Pharma wants to keep hidden.

You will also learn about:​​​

  • ​The history of Big Pharma’s Evil Cancer Cartel
  • Are genes really responsible for a higher cancer risk?
  • Affordable yet effective cancer treatments for all people
  • Do vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs cause cancer?
  • The anti-cancer diet that can also heal other diseases
  • How laughter, frequencies, and light can destroy cancer cells
  • Cancer busting herbs, and nature’s healing elixirs
  • Hidden cancer hazards that lurk inside your own home
  • Safe cancer diagnostic techniques (that don’t cause cancer)


The Truth About Cancer team have been the pioneers in this mission, and produced award winning docu-series in the past.

And they are proud to announce that this is the Final Chapter.

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