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The Secret Cause of Sickness: Chemical Toxicity Summit

Event Name: The Secret Cause of Sickness: Chemical Toxicity Summit
Event Starts: 20th June 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Silent toxins are secrets killers.

These are the invisible pollutants in our food, water, air, and products.

There are pesticides, herbicides, microplastics, heavy metals, radioactive elements, BPA, and many more industrial chemicals.

They’re eveywhere, and we’re absorbing, breathing, eating, & drinking them.

Silent toxins are known to be the starting point for an ever increasing list of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune, neurological, and Alzheimer’s.

They create holes in your gut lining, create metabolism imbalances, disrupt hormones, create inflammation, destroy the immune system, & much more.

Then there is the depression, anxiety, and pain that are also created.

And, today’s “doctors” don’t have a clue what chemical toxicity is, let alone that it is an underlying cause of disease, nor how to treat it successfully.

Chemical toxicity will affect EVERY single person on the planet.

So it’s crucial that we have a clear plan to battle against this deadly threat, & you can find it at The Secret Cause of Sickness: Chemical Toxicity Summit.

Discover exactly what chemical toxicity is, what is coming in to us, where is it coming from, how to avoid it, and how to get it out of your body.


You’ll also learn:

  • Toxins and toxicants in our food, water and the air we breathe
  • Toxic chemicals in kitchenware, lifestyle and body care products
  • Medical and cosmetic procedures that have potentially toxic effect
  • How mineral deficiency impacts energy, sleep, adrenals & thyroid
  • Are you drinking radioactive water?
  • How to remove heavy metals that interfere with energy production
  • Symptoms and diseases linked to toxic chemical exposure
  • How infrared technology helps reverse the aging process
  • The link between tap water and unexplained illnesses
  • About oxalates, nightshades, salicylates and high-histamine foods
  • Why are women at a greater risk for heavy metal toxicity
  • How microbes change form when they are exposed to chemicals
  • Concerning stats like: strawberries are sprayed with 22 pesticides
  • How glyphosate and pesticides can disrupt collagen production
  • Solutions for healing after implants, fillers and botox
  • How to create an “action plan” for removing chemical toxicities

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