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The Real Anthony Fauci

Event Name: The Real Anthony Fauci
Event Starts: 18th October 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

This is the film big tech, big pharma, & big government hope you never see.

It’s a full length feature documentary made from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s blockbuster best-selling book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

After the book was released, it was quickly banned by ALL of the major social media companies, and was boycotted by bookstores and libraries.

Despite the heavy censorship, it rocked to #1 on Amazon, became a NY Times bestseller, and sold over 1 million copies in less than a year.

Now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about, as in order to allow the truth to reach more people, they made the book into a powerful documentary.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. meticulously researched the past and present actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s so-called “Head Doctor”.

This is the guy who was primarily responsible for all the lockdowns and misery people have faced in the past couple of years.

The documentary goes into his past, exposes his criminal activities, including being accused of genocide 30 years ago, and faking an AIDS epidemic.

And also covers his misdeeds over the past few years in relation to CV, as leaked internal documents from Pfizer proved a litany of illegal actions & lies.

The Pfizer documents showed he lied about natural immunity, “horse drugs”, and that the vaccines were not causing any hospitalizations or deaths.

In fact, the documents actually showed that both Pfizer, and Fauci, knew that the vaccines were causing more frequent and severe adverse reactions.

Then there were Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that proved he lied about his involvement with Chinese labs, and tried to cover up evidence.


But this film is not just about Fauci’s deception of the American public (and even the world), but also how big pharma, and the government lied too.

They cover the more than 1000% increase in neurological problems in pilots seen in the year after they took the CV vaccines.

They cover the internal data which shows that from every 1 person the vaccine saves from CV (supposedly), it kills 4 people from cardiac issues.

They cover the 1000’s of vaccine deaths that are being swept under the carpet, and that death trends are spiking upwards among the vaccinated.

They cover the cases in Victoria, Australia, where 95% are vaccinated, yet the deaths soared to the highest level in years, far above the 5-year average.

These are just a sample of the bombshell statements contained in this film, so I suggest you watch it and see the cold hard evidence for yourself.


And surprise, surprise, Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube have already pre-banned this film (maybe a world first), so they had to buy their own servers.

The Real Anthony Fauci starts screening on Tuesday 18th October.

Seriously… don’t miss this event. What you will learn will change your life.

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20 Things I learned from watching The Real Anthony Fauci

  1. Fauci was using burner phones right after covid started, with a major vaccine development funder, Jeremy Farrar, and it Farrar admitted they used burner phones specifically to avoid documentation of their conversations.
  2. A leaked video shows Mark Zuckerberg detailing his concerns about the long term effects of modifying peoples DNA with the covid vaccines, causing other mutations and risks downstream.
  3. Zuckerberg later did a staged interview with Fauci where they both lied and said it was not possible to alter DNA through vaccines, and Facebook implemented a policy for the immediate take-down of all content claiming it.
  4. Leaked emails between Fauci and Zuckerberg detail how Zuckerberg was interested in having Fauci and his departments “align” with him, so he can make increased profits through his vaccine interests.
  5. Fauci admitted that many times in the past vaccines for disease have actually made people worse (as we are seeing now), including the failed HIV vaccine, which made people more likely to be infected.
  6. Fauci was once talking about the need for intensive vaccine testing before they are released to the public, and made a comment to the effect of that without 12 years of testing, “all hell can break loose” (sounds like 2022).
  7. There was a lot of AIDS hysteria years ago, and they show many TV news clips where they say things like you can get AIDS from touching people with it, using the same toilet, it’s in their saliva.
  8. Fauci said that you can get AIDS just from living with someone with it.
  9. Fauci first said you will die in 6 months to 1 year after testing positive for AIDS, but later changed that to 3 years, then later to 5 years, then later to 10 years, and so on, because people with “AIDS” weren’t dying.
  10. Fauci once said that you shouldn’t use PCR tests to detect viruses.
  11. Dr. Kary Mullis (the inventor of PCR) said this about Fauci “They have got a personal agenda, they make up their own rules as they go, they change them as they go, they smugly, like Tony Fauci, does not mind going on television in front of the people and lie directly to the camera.”
  12. At an AIDS conference in Amsterdam in the early 90s, dozens of doctors were going to the podium and admitting that their AIDS patients did not always test positive for HIV, contradicting Fauci’s lies that they do.
  13. Fauci flew in to the conference to cover-up his lies, and removed about 5,000 HIV negative AIDS cases from the records, by invented a brand new chronic fatigue type disease out of thin air, and rebranding those cases as it.
  14. Fauci also changed the official definition of AIDS, so that it incorporated his brand new disease, and the HIV causes AIDS lie that he created would not be exposed, to protect his profits from the sale of HIV / AIDS drugs.
  15. To boost his profits even more, Fauci then gave the green light for doctors to prescribe AZT (his cash cow drug) for anything they want, from asymptomatic AIDS to other different diseases.
  16. Famous documentary maker, Gary Null, appeared on TV with former AIDS patient Chuck DeMarco, and gave details about many successful treatments for AIDS, including hypothermia, vitamin C drips, and ozone.
  17. Chuck DeMarco himself was near death, given months to live, before he undertook some of these treatments, and completely recovered. Chuck gave his medical records and proof directly to Fauci at his labs, but was ignored.
  18. Fauci helped pharmaceutical companies set up a secret testing facility in New York, where they could both run experiments on foster children, which they took from homes. Fauci participated and provided funding for this too.
  19. The kidnapped children refused to be guinea pigs and take the drugs, so Fauci and his friends surgically attached feeding tubes to their stomachs. 80 children were murdered in these “experiments”, and many more harmed.
  20. A recorded call shows that Fauci met with Bill Gates at his house in the year 2000, where Gates “wanted to make sure his money was well spent”, by working closely to make profits, including on AIDS and vaccine trials.

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