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The New Science of Healthy Elimination: Natural Approaches to Constipation, Belly Pain & Bloating

Event Name: The New Science of Healthy Elimination: Natural Approaches to Constipation, Belly Pain & Bloating
Event Starts: 23rd January 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

If you’re not easily pooping out a soft banana shake at least once per day, you’re constipated, and it could be slowly taking your life.

Constipation has been proven to be an early warning sign for health issues like diabetes, cancer, mental health disorders, and even Parkinson’s disease.

But constipation isn’t the only digestive warning sign, as belly pain, bloating, and flatulence all point to other problems in the body.

Yes, it’s an embarrassing topic, that most people are too afraid to talk to their doctors about, but even if they did, most doctors don’t know how to help you.


On a personal note, there was a doctor I learned from, who used to practice many decades ago, before being shut down by the US authorities.

The first thing he treated with every patient was their digestion, without fail.

After years of practice, he discovered that the #1 underlying cause of all illness was constipation and a sluggish bowel.

I mention this story, not because it is part of this event, but to highlight that digestive efficiency is extremely important for your overall health.

Because as this doctor says, if the poop doesn’t come out on time, it actually gets reabsorbed into the body, and you have to re-excrete it from your blood.

Your body can’t fight other diseases if it constantly has to battle against reabsorbed poop, so if you’re constipated or have bloating, fix it fast.


The New Science of Healthy Elimination: Natural Approaches to Constipation, Belly Pain & Bloating, has all the recovery solutions you need.

It’s hosted by gut-repair guru Elissa Arnheim, who suffered from constipation so badly that she couldn’t even lean over to put on her own shoes.

She knows solutions that work, and has helped thousands of people so far.


You’ve probably been told to eat more fiber, drink more water, or exercise more, but as you’ve also probably found out, this simply isn’t enough.

Because it’s not what you don’t have or are not doing, but rather external influences like toxins, stress, and modern food, which shut it down.

New research on the gut microbiome has given an abundance of natural solutions to choose from, which are both effective, and long-lasting.

Find out why you’re constipated, why it’s so important to your health and future, and what to do to get it back to normal.

Get powerful solutions to help you banish belly pain, shed extra weight, release stored trauma, expel harmful toxins, and recover from illness.

Elissa will teach you the secrets to reviving your digestive system naturally.


You’ll also discover:

  • Why each person can have a different constipation solution
  • The scientifically proven links between posture, sitting & digestion
  • How constipation is linked to Parkinson’s & neurological disease
  • Simple ways to improve bowel function… when you need it fast
  • What are colonics and enemas, and should you be taking them
  • Links between osteoporosis, osteopenia, and gut health
  • Connections between sleep, pain, serotonin, and bowel function
  • Why women suffer from IBS more than men, at every age level
  • The top 5 constipation triggers in children, and how to avoid them
  • The mold-gut connection, and other infections that ruin the gut
  • Why it’s critical to check your stomach acid levels
  • A common food to eliminate from your diet to fix constipation

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