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The Narcissist Trap

Event Name: The Narcissist Trap
Event Starts: 27th June 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The average person will know at least 10 narcissists in their lifetime.

That’s 10 cold-hearted predators lying to your face, slandering behind your back, stealing your money, ruining your health, and destroying life.

But narcissism is not always blatant, and we can rarely spot the person.

It could be your partner, best friend, boss, co-worker or a family member.

So how can you spot the signs?

Do you have a?

Partner who controls what money you spend, who always thinks they are right, or who used to be passionate but now it’s like walking on eggshells?

Friend who makes everything about them, who pressures you to conform to what they want to do, or who only contacts you when they need something?

Co-worker who lets you do all the work and then takes the credit, who is always critical, or who moves the goal posts halfway through a project?


If you’re sick of the narcissist making your life a misery, and are ready to break the chains of fear, lies, and manipulation, there is a solution.

The Narcissist Trap is a transformational 9-day event with 23 world-class experts who will help you escape the gaslighting, confusion, and abuse.

It’s hosted by Eliott Roe, a world-class mindset changing expert.

He helps olympians win gold medals, champion fighters overcome major levels of fear, and Hollywood actors give award-winning performances.

In this event you will learn:

1. How to identify the narcissists in your life right now
2. Uncover why you attract narcissists into your life
3. Master strategies to effectively deal with narcissists
4. Negotiate life transitions away from narcissists
5. A roadmap to personal growth and freedom


Most people struggle to spot the warning signs of narcissism.

And every day that you don’t take action, the narcissist in your life gains even more control, and makes your life more miserable.

It’s time for you to regain your sanity, and reclaim your life.

And learn the warning signs so you can spot the next narcissist that tries to force their way into your life and ruin it.

Trust me… it’s going to happen in the future, as social media is fueling a massive rise in narcissistic behavior.

If you’re still on the fence about joining this event, I’d highly recommend clicking the link and watching the trailer video to see narcissism first-hand.

And there is a special $25,000 gift for attendees too (don’t miss out on this).

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