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The Mental Wellness Connection

Event Name: The Mental Wellness Connection
Event Starts: 25th January 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

What does the mainstream medical system do to “achieve” mental wellness?

They give you a pill.

But a pill is not the right solution to fix our pain.

It’s a band aid … at best.

In reality, Big Pharma controls these misguided and expensive systems.

Pushing pills for profit, with no regards to helping you recover.

In fact, if you take their pills, you will never recover.

Your depression, anxiety, addictions, and broken relationships remain.


Transformation and recovery are possible.

But you have to look outside the mainstream medical system.

The new series, The Mental Wellness Connection, shows you how.

Uncover the mind, body, and nutrition connections.

Learn the methods and remedies needed for a healthy return to normal.

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