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The Glutenology Masterclass

Event Name: The Glutenology Masterclass
Event Starts: 15th September 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

92% of people going gluten free, fail to show improvements in intestinal inflammation and damage.

This is a super alarming statistic.

Gluten is causing tremendous damage to our bodies.

And many people (if not everyone) need to go gluten free (immediately).

So how can they do it right?

Author of the international bestselling book, No Grain, No Pain, Dr. Peter Osborne, has created a program backed by 20 years of clinical experience.

Glutenology: The Ultimate Masterclass For Your Gluten Free Journey


You will learn about:

  • How most lab testing for gluten sensitivity is inaccurate
  • Why the pesticide industry and govt. are covering up GMOs in food
  • How to find gluten in your foods, even when manufacturers try to hide it
  • The 6 foods & additives that mimic gluten in your body
  • What to do when you’ve gone gluten free, but still have health issues
  • The alarming study exposing the hidden gluten in “gluten-free” foods
  • How gluten exposure manifests as diseases years down the road
  • Over 30 common symptoms you experience before disease sets in
  • Take this vitamin after being “glutened” to dramatically reduce issues
  • How exposure to this additive increases your cancer risk by 93%!

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