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The Fatigue Super Conference

Event Name: The Fatigue Super Conference
Event Starts: 21st March 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The majority of us suffer from Fatigue.

It could be chronic fatigue, or fatigue from adrenals, lyme, fibromyalgia, or even just struggling to get through the day, or always feeling tired.

Whatever the level of fatigue, life just isn’t the same anymore.

You don’t have the boundless energy you did as a child, and want it back.


Alex Howard is the Founder and Chairman of The Optimum Health Clinic.

With over 20 full-time practitioners, they specialize in helping people recover from all types of fatigue.

A reputation of being the world’s leading experts on this condition, has led to them having patients come in from more than 50 countries over the world.

Alex has partnered with over 40 other international experts to put on the largest ever online conference on fatigue.


You will learn about:

  • Why the microbiome is at the heart of everything
  • How emotional trauma can impact your energy levels
  • What are biotoxins and how they contribute to fatigue
  • Energy sapping infectious agents, like lyme and mold
  • The best foods to eat, and the ones you must avoid
  • Why hazardous exposures can cause fatigue
  • How gut issues can mask as hormone imbalances
  • The toxins and chemicals known to be energy zappers
  • How to identify the root cause of your fatigue
  • Ways to supercharge your mitochondria for more energy
  • The “real” role of cortisol in chronic fatigue
  • Which treatments work, and which order to do them in



Just for registering, you will receive a free copy of the inspiring and powerful documentary film: Secrets to Recovery.

It follows the stories of 3 patients with ME, CFS, and Fibromyalgia, and their recoveries from severe fatigue.

It’s an amazing documentary, and when you see how severe fatigue suffers can recover, you will know that you can recover from your fatigue too.

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