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The Best of The Essential Oils Revolution

Event Name: The Best of The Essential Oils Revolution
Event Starts: 1st July 2024
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Millions of people are regaining control of their health with essential oils.

These powerful natural oils are helping people to boost their immune systems, improve sleep, balance blood sugar, and brighten their moods.

You can even use them to create non-toxic cleaning products for your home, as pathogens can be eliminated with the right essential oil combinations.

Then there is the latest craze in using specific essential oils for cooking.

Creating health, disease recovery, cleaning, cooking, and also anti-aging.

You can literally use essential oils to improve every aspect of your life.


If you would like to join the millions of people who have added essential oils into their life, make sure to watch The Best of the Essential Oils Revolution.

It’s a collation of the best presentations, interviews, and demonstration videos from all of the past Essential Oils Revolution events since 2015.

Run by Dr. Eric Zielinski, author of the bestselling book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, these events have long been considering essential viewing.

You’ll learn the best essential oils for hormone balancing, detoxification, gut repair, sleep, weight loss, and to make your skin appear decades younger.

Plus there are topics that are rarely touched on, including essential oils for pregnancy, childbirth, animals, reversing trauma, ADHD, and managing grief.


There are almost 50 presentations and videos selected as the best of the best, that will be featured in The Best of the Essential Oils Revolution.

They cover everything from which essential oil brands you can trust (75% of them contain adulterated oils), and the science and efficacy of aromatherapy.

There are recipes for home cleaning products that are 100% chemical free and safe for your family, including an easy, non-toxic DIY hand sanitizer.

You’ll learn how to use essential oils safely and without risk, what essential oils to use if you are on a budget, and 9 essential oils that are… “essential”.

There are videos which cover the culinary uses of essential oils, showing you which ones you can add to food to create a flavor to knock your socks off.

And of course, the health and medicinal uses of essential oils, covering all the major diseases, 7 main women’s issues, and some beauty uses too.

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