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The Age-Defying Secrets Summit

Event Name: The Age-Defying Secrets Summit
Event Starts: 18th January 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

As you get older (as you are right now) what do you worry about the most?

Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity, or other major diseases?

Wrinkles, grey hair, sagging skin, bad posture, or other signs of looking old?

Fatigue, chronic pain, bad moods, immobility, or other signs of feeling old?

The good news is that while getting older is inevitable, aging is optional.

It is possible to add years to your life, AND add life to your years.

And it all depends on getting the RIGHT information.


YES, there’s a ton of health information out there.

The problem is you keep hearing the same old & tired advice over and over.

While you are not hearing about the many evidence-based “secrets” because they’re getting buried under the misinformation (often deliberately).

But you deserve the truth.

You deserve to know how to get peak energy and crystal clear mental clarity.

You deserve to be wrinkle-free, have color in your hair, and a youthful body.

You deserve to avoid all the major (and minor) diseases, and live long & well.

You deserve to know all of the simple, natural, effective, and proven steps that you can take to achieve all of the above, and quickly.


All of the “true” anti-aging information is contained in The Age-Defying Secrets Summit, hosted by Brian Vaszily.

Join 400,000+ people, who like you, are determined to stop and reverse aging, and live a healthy, exciting, and long life.

Brian will be interviewing 21 of the top longevity doctors and researchers, and asking them for their top 3-5 solutions that almost nobody knows about.

The interviewees include a health advisor to the King of England, and a household name whose work has impacted hundreds of millions of people.

Discover the most powerful “little-known health and aging secrets”, that are guaranteed to change your life for the better.


20 things you will learn:

  • Why 2/3 of people with Alzheimer’s are women, and how to avoid it
  • How wrinkles in certain places are signs for bone and heart problems
  • The 8 different diseases that stem from having bad posture
  • 77% of adults now report stress, and the diseases that come from it
  • What is both the #1 cause of death and #1 cause of preventable death
  • The “5 Cs” that you have to watch for in your poop
  • Why loneliness affects you as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
  • The key steps to repair even the most “hopeless” gut
  • How you can unknowingly harm your circadian rhythms
  • The 2 types of anxiety – one harms you and one helps you
  • Something you are most likely consuming, that is harming your brain
  • 2 odd yet easy tests that accurately predict your longevity
  • The best foods for your libido, and the world’s best aphrodisiac
  • Why the time you wake up (naturally) is linked to your lifespan length
  • The critical step that solves 50-60% of sleep issues immediately
  • #1 herb for constipation, anxiety, circulation, hormones, and the brain
  • Why probiotics are a waste of time, unless you…
  • The do-it-yourself “crave test” for focus, sinus issues, and fatigue
  • How to turn your inflammation “master control switch” down
  • The 2 things that get rid of cancer-causing “rogue” cells

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