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The Adrenal Solutions Summit

Event Name: The Adrenal Solutions Summit
Event Starts: 29th November 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Got brain fog?
Weight gain?
Poor sleep?
Digestive problems?

It is likely that your adrenals are overtaxed.

They control a variety of different hormones, and affect how you feel physically and emotionally, as well as your energy levels, and your sleep.

In fact, when they are taxed, you desire carbs and sugar, and gain weight.


But there is more: Stress. It’s everywhere.

Jobs, Convid-19, Electromagnetic fields, toxic foods and chemicals.

Chronic stress is the root cause of adrenal fatigue.

And right now, people have stress and fatigue like they’ve never had before.

But there is hope, and there are solutions.

And they are all presented in The Adrenal Solutions Summit.


You will learn:

  • The connection between adrenal dysfunction and gut issues
  • How makeup and skin care products can damage the adrenals
  • The physical symptoms of betrayal, and why it has such an impact
  • How the adrenals impact menopause, testosterone, and the thyroid
  • Why adrenal issues have skyrocketed during the plandemic
  • The stages of adrenal fatigue, and how to tell when you are in trouble
  • How cortisol affects blood sugar, and leads to diabetes and weight gain
  • The connection between sleep, adrenals and overall health
  • How gluten can destroy your adrenals, and how to check for damage

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