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The 3 Essential Tools for Optimal Health Performance

For most of us, there are health problems we would like to overcome.

It could be a mystery illness that doctors can’t work out, or it could be something that’s been diagnosed but nothing seems to work to fix it.

It could be a serious disease like cancer or diabetes, or it could be simple things that make our life miserable, like insomnia, allergies or fatigue.

Whatever your health problem is, your body does have the ability to heal.

And there’s a method that’s proven to work to get your self-healing activated.


Guy and Ilan Ferdman are peak performance coaches, and are employed by many of the world’s leading sport, entertainment and business personalities.

They’re trusted by these people because they have a track record of delivering results in health, finances, business, and relationships.

And the reason behind their incredible track record is their dedication to find out what self-improvement methods work, and which ones don’t.

They’ve spent over $1 million of their own money trialing and testing practically every method on the face of the earth.

Fast forward to today, they know which modalities are impactful, which ones give you long sustainable transformations, and which ones don’t work.

And they have been helping people apply these modalities, and transform important areas of their lives, through their company Satori Prime.

In fact, the main goal and purpose of Satori Prime is to transform ANY area of your life, and with their methods, they are 100% confident you can do it.


Your body is like soil that is old, crumbling, dried up, and devoid of nutrients.

But if you can reinvigorate the soil (or your body), then you will find that amazing things can happen, and things can now grow and change.

If you come from the right foundation, you can manifest anything.

Old patterns like scarcity, doubt, and fear, are removed.

You align to new patterns like safety, wellbeing, and compassion.

Trauma lives inside the body, and the mind reacts to what doesn’t feel safe.

When you impact the way you think, you impact the way you heal.

Go into higher states of consciousness to elicit a certain healing response.

This works no matter whether you want to increase athletic performance, boost your business or finances, transform your relationship or health.

Or maybe everything is going smooth and you just want to upgrade a certain area of your life, and make it even better.

Health issues or otherwise, if you want a certain result, you can manifest it.


Guy and Ilan are giving you all the necessary training resources that you need to start getting the results you desire… today.

They will show you how to unlock hidden performance gains and untapped healing powers laying dormant within your unconscious physiology.

And they are giving you the 3 Essential Tools to shift your mindset and restore your nervous system’s health for optimal performance.

This includes access to their 40,000+ member private Facebook group and online community, where they provide weekly training sessions.

Plus training on a special type of meditation that gives rapid and powerful results, and is perfect for people who either hate or can’t meditate.

And access to specialists & consultants who’ll help you find a clear path for creating sustainable transformation in every area of your life that you want.


Guy and Ilan are providing The 3 Essential Tools for Optimal Health Performance (Training), free of charge, for a limited time only.

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