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Supplements Revealed

Event Name: Supplements Revealed
Event Starts: 23rd October 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The supplement industry is a scam – up to 93% of them don’t work AT ALL.

It’s filled with lying companies, false claims, cheap Chinese knock-offs.

They pump out low-quality synthetics, that cause more harm than good.

Some proprietary formulas list a key ingredient on the label, but maybe they only add 1mg of that ingredient, and 1000mg of a cheap filler ingredient.

Other supplements are laced with harmful chemicals and toxins, including pesticides, paint thinners, heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and cyanide.

And skin and hair products use synthetic vitamins which actually make your skin and hair weak, making you think you need more to buy more of it.

In saying that, good supplements can absolutely transform your life.

But how do you know what is good? …and which supplements to avoid?


Supplements Revealed is a docu-series where supplement industry insiders, whistleblowers, and experts answer both of these questions, and more.

You’ll learn the truth about multi-vitamins, probiotics, turmeric, calcium, CBD, green tea, echinacea, fish oils, green drinks and other popular supplements.

It covers supplements for diseases – diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, vision loss, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmunity, prostatitis, and depression.

And conditions – muscle and joint pain, brain fog, headaches, aging skin, hair loss and thinning, digestive problems, memory loss, fatigue, and weight loss.

After watching this series, you’ll know which toxic supplements you need to avoid, and which ones will help you look better, live longer, and stop disease.

Plus, you’ll know how to save a fortune on supplement costs (up to 83%).


You’ll also discover:

  • If you diet lacks a nutrient, the body adapts to absorb more of it
  • Why electrolyte drinks (Gatorade) won’t add the main one Magnesium
  • How anything you put on your skin acts as a food (as a supplement)
  • Why taking “top brand” supplements is flushing money down the toilet
  • What are the best supplement brands (that you’ve never heard of)
  • Supplements that are highly poisonous to parasites, but not to you
  • Why high doses of synthetic folic acid promote certain cancers
  • Do you need to take supplements forever, or can you stop after a time
  • How removing toxins can help repair the damage done to organs
  • Why the Amazon supplement ratings system can’t be trusted
  • Which supplements work, which don’t, and which harm your health
  • The hands-down best supplement to help you lose weight
  • Why more men under 40 are achy, unhappy, anxious, and agitated
  • How you can replace your prescription medications with supplements
  • 1 simple ingredient that leads to a 90% reduction in Alzheimer’s
  • The supplement that prevents brain shrinkage in your 70s and 80s
  • Why children are testing positive for veterinary antibiotics (the meat)
  • The hidden dangers in synthetic supplements (and how you can die)
  • How to spot low quality supplements (both online and at the store)

P.S. On a personal note, I know a lot about supplements, and I’ve spoken about them extensively in my videos.

In fact, one of my more popular videos was Vitamin D3 is actually Rat Poison (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT), where I confirm the 2nd last bullet point in the text above, that you can die from bad supplements.

Then in regards to the last bullet point in the text above, you may not know that I used to own a supplement business (now sold), where I saw first hand the differences between cheap Chinese synthetics, and quality ingredients.

For example, let’s look at Vitamin B9. The cheapest form for supplement manufacturers is Folic Acid, but your body can’t use it well, and it actually clogs your folate receptors, preventing you from getting folate from food sources, and you end up with a B9 deficiency.

So I can attest to the fact that having the knowledge of how to spot low quality supplements, just by quickly reading the labels, is an extremely valuable skill (and may even save your life).

I’m really looking forward to this series, and if you have ever taken any supplements in your life, I’d recommend you register for it too.

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