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Supplements Revealed

Event Name: Supplements Revealed
Event Starts: 14th September 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The supplement industry is VERY interesting.

It’s filled with lying companies, false claims, cheap Chinese knock-offs.

In fact, it’s documented that 93% of supplements don’t work.


Here are a few more interesting supplement facts:

  • If your food lacks nutrients, the body adapts to increase the absorption
  • 70% of the carbon in people from the US comes from corn in their diet
  • Electrolyte drinks (Gatorade) wont add the main electrolyte Magnesium
  • High doses of the synthetic folic acid supplement can cause cancer


Learn these facts and more in the new series, Supplements Revealed.

Listen to interviews with supplement industry whistleblowers, world-experts on vitamins and minerals, and leading nutritional practitioners.


You will learn:

  • How to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on vitamins that dont work
  • Why taking “top brand” supplements is flushing money down the toilet
  • How you can replace your prescription medications with supplements
  • What are the best supplement brands (that you’ve never heard of)
  • Do you need to take supplements forever, or can you stop after a time
  • Why the Amazon supplement ratings system can’t be trusted
  • Which supplements work, which don’t, and which can harm your health
  • The hidden dangers in synthetic supplements (and how you can die)
  • How to spot low quality supplements (both online and at the store)

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P.S. On a personal note, I know a lot about supplements, and I’ve spoken about them extensively in my videos.

In fact, one of my more popular videos was Vitamin D3 is actually Rat Poison (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT), where I confirm the 2nd last bullet point in the text above, that you can die from bad supplements.

Then in regards to the last bullet point in the text above, you may not know that I used to own a supplement business (now sold), where I saw first hand the differences between cheap Chinese synthetics, and quality ingredients.

For example, let’s look at Vitamin B9. The cheapest form for supplement manufacturers is Folic Acid, but your body can’t use it well, and it actually clogs your folate receptors, preventing you from getting folate from food sources, and you end up with a B9 deficiency.

So I can attest to the fact that having the knowledge of how to spot low quality supplements, just by quickly reading the labels, is an extremely valuable skill (and may even save your life).

I’m really looking forward to this series, and if you have ever taken any supplements in your life, I’d recommend you register for it too.

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