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Super Healthy Lungs Summit

Event Name: Super Healthy Lungs Summit
Event Starts: 17th October 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Dr. Rodger Murphree has a personal attachment to lung conditions.

He suffered from asthma as a child, often struggling to breathe, and then saw both of his parents die from lung diseases, they were Cancer & COPD.

That is why as a doctor, Dr. Murphree takes lung health very seriously.

Because it’s not just asthma, cancer and COPD, but mold toxicity, inhalant allergies, yeast overgrowth, mast cell activation syndrome, and much more.

The easiest target for foreign pathogens and toxins is your lungs.

They are extremely vulnerable because you breathe in these invaders and they get right inside your body, without any protecting mechanisms.

Some of the pathogens are a nuisance, while others can be life threatening.

And then there is the issue of breathing, with too much oxygen, and too little oxygen​​, both causing an assortment of unwanted health problems.

Incorrect breathing patterns are proven to be responsible for headaches, brain fog, ​​fatigue, anxiety, pain, free radical damage, and accelerated aging.

​​Healthy lung habits and practices are crucial to your overall health, helping to prevent disease, reverse disease, and protect against dangerous pathogens.

Breathe your way to better health at the Super Healthy Lungs Summit, with over 40 lung specialists, and hosted by none other than Dr. Murphree.


You will discover:

  • ​Causes and natural treatments for common lung conditions
  • Why cancer is not a single “thing” but the culmination of many issues
  • The links between mold, candida, leaky gut and chronic lung disorders
  • Why mitochondrial dysfunction and lung disease go hand in hand
  • How to quickly improve your lung function and oxygen levels
  • Strategies for identifying hidden toxins that are harming your lungs
  • Why 1 in 12 USA children have asthma, and how to treat it naturally
  • How improper breathing leads to your health being impacted
  • Why older adults are much more likely to get pneumonia
  • The surprising links between leaky gut and leaky lungs
  • How thyroid dysfunction brings upon chronic respiratory diseases
  • Why the frequency of chronic lung infections is skyrocketing
  • And much, much more…

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