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Sound Healing through Humming and Tuning Forks

Event Name: Sound Healing through Humming and Tuning Forks
Event Starts: 30th September 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Many ancient cultures were proficient in sound healing, including the Tibetans who used singing bowls, and the Aboriginals who used didgeridoos.

But many, including the Egyptians, one of the pioneers of sound medicine, and the Africans, with their chanting, knew how to use their voices instead.

From the Buddhist’s “Om”, to the Christian’s “Amen”, to the Muslim’s “Ameen”, the “Hum” type sound has always been a powerful remedy.

It’s not just words, but they carry a physical effect, and science has now proven this to be the case, and established humming as a healing power.

It’s all in the vibrational frequency of the hum, and it acts as a healing balm that provides positive physical, emotional, and spiritual effects.

Scientific studies on humming have shown that it decreases depression and stress by releasing endorphins, and improves sleep by producing melatonin.

The hum also makes the body release nitric oxide, reduces blood pressure, increases lymphatic circulation, & even creates new brain neural pathways.

Humming is one of the simplest and yet most profound sounds we can make, and we can enhance it’s power by combining it with tuning forks.


You can learn more about using humming and tuning forks, in an online event hosted by one of the foremost pioneers in the field of harmonics.

Jonathan Goldman has a resume like no other in the sound healing field.

He’s studied with the Dalai Lama’s Chanting Gyuto and Gyume Monks, is the director of the Sound Healers Association, and has 40+ years of experience.

Jonathan has created over 25 best-selling and award-winning recordings, including “Frequencies: Sounds of Healing” and is a Grammy nominee.

He’s also the author of many award-winning, bestselling books, including “The 7 Secrets Of Sound Healing”, and his latest, “The Humming Effect”.

His own exploration of the science behind sound healing reveals that self-created sounds such as humming can rearrange our molecular structure.

Jonathan has also discovered a tuning fork with a particular electromagnetic frequency of the earth that enhances both healing and “psychic” abilities.


His self-healing methods are accessible to all, and he will present them in the 1-hour video event, Sound Healing through Humming and Tuning Forks.

There is so much to discover and experience through sound healing, and you will not get a more prominent and advanced teacher than Jonathan.

Get ready for this non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing, that will give you better health, more happiness, and incredible positive life effects.

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