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Sound Healing Summit 2023

Event Name: Sound Healing Summit 2023
Event Starts: 10th July 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Have you ever had a gong bath?

It’s a type of meditation where you bathe in the healing vibrations of sound.

Studies in 2013, 2015, and 2017 have proven they boost immune function, create a sense of calm, and reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Plus the same studies showed they helped with emotional disturbances, reducing anger, while improving moods, and creating happiness.


The gong bath is just one of a number of ancient sound healing modalities.

The didgeridoo was used by Australian Aborigines to heal broken bones.​​​

The tuning forks were used to clear physical and energy trigger points.

​​​​And voices have been used in ceremonial sounding, humming, and chanting for centuries to lower stress, improve sleep, and even lower blood pressure.


All of these modalities and more, including handpans, drums, crystal bowls, tapping, and biofield tuning can be found in the 2023 Sound Healing Summit.

Did you know that sound healing is one of the most rapidly growing fields in medicine, and has been proclaimed by many as the future of healing?

Explore this ancient (and modern) art, and learn the science of vibrational therapies in this incredible summit.

You’ll discover the latest innovations in sound healing, including bio-field harmonizing, vibrational medicine, and other intriguing sonic therapies.


​Leading-edge research on the science and theory of sound and vibration has demonstrated its impact on your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

This has been scientifically proven by measuring and identifying bio-markers such as increased lymphatic circulation and increased release of nitric oxide.

They’ve also discovered it creates new neural pathways in the brain, and increases the production of melatonin and endorphins. ​​

​​​​Plus, the body healing effects are amazing, doing everything from repairing sick organs, conquering addictions, overcoming trauma and stuck emotions.


Remember, this is the future of healing, and the future is here right now.

You’ll never come across anything more magical than Sound Healing.​​​

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