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Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit

Event Name: Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit
Event Starts: 12th December 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Your bedroom struggles are more common than you think!

Men’s ED is well documented, but for women, 43% experience low libido.

Low libido and sexual dysfunction aren’t “phases” or something to shrug off.

They’re real conditions that rob you of intimacy, disrupt your relationships, ruin your confidence, and cause your self-esteem to plummet.

The lack of intimacy feels like you are living a separate life to your partner.

We normally hide our struggles with sexual dysfunction and low libido, and the stigma makes it hard to talk about, even with the people we love.

But there is help available, and you can easily overcome these issues.


Discover how to regain your confidence, reignite intimacy, and reconnect with romance, at the Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit.

It’s hosted by Dr. Diane Mueller and Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, who are both dual-doctorate medical experts specializing in low libido and chronic illnesses.

In fact, Dr. Dianne knows exactly how you feel, as she used to be devoid of any sexual drive at all, but has found how to regain all of it… and more.

This summit presents fast, easy, and natural solutions, so you can solve sexual dysfunction without having to resort to pills with terrible side effects.

They want you to know that you can fix this, you can reignite that spark, and you don’t have to be 18 to be happy with your sex life.

In fact, you can have better intimacy now than when you were younger.


It’s not about having better sex, but reawakening your passion for life.

Because improving libido improves your life in more ways than you can think.

An active sex life has been proven to increase your lifespan, and it’s also proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

The bedroom confidence spills over into other parts of your life, and your career will take off, your mood will improve, and your sleep time gets better.

Plus your hormones rebalance, depression disappears, and anxiety reduces.

Intimacy comes naturally, and your relationships are fulfilled on every level.

So stop living a life without pleasure, and start reviving your sexual spark.


The Solving Sexual Dysfunction Summit has a full array of solutions and strategies for treating low libido, intimacy struggles, and sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Judson Brandeis reveals regenerative ED treatments from a urologist.

Dr. Sabrina Solt provides insights into hormones, blood flow & neural factors.

Dr. Deb Matthew reveals previously unknown treatments for low libido.

Dr. Sharon Stills teaches about the impact of menopause on intimacy.

Dr. Nicole Marcione debunks the myths surrounding sex and aging.

Dr. Tracy Gapin dives into the nuances of men’s sexual health, with data.

And many more experts in this field will give you all the strategies, knowledge, and community support you’ve been looking for.

This summit can solve all of your sexual dysfunction problems, and you will experience a magical transformation in the quality of your life.

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