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Science of Healing Summit 2023

Event Name: Science of Healing Summit 2023
Event Starts: 20th March 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Only 5% of your health and life expectancy is governed by your genes.

The rest comes down to our diet, lifestyle, and toxin exposure.

But there are ways to control our genes, giving us the ability to 100% control over what happens to our health, and how fast we age.

This field is known as epigenetics, and it covers gene expression in relation to external and environmental factors.

Once you master this, you can mitigate potential negative health events dictated by your genes, including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

And receive tremendous boosts in energy levels, mobility, and happiness.


Epigenetics is just one of the more advanced and latest scientific methods featured in 2023’s iteration of the Science of Healing Summit.

You’ll hear from leaders in the fields of biofield science, resonance medicine,
longevity, intuitive medicine, bio-optimization, sound healing, & light healing.

If you have ever been confused by what course of action to take in your healing journey, this groundbreaking 5-day event is for you.

You’ll get assistance in designing your own individualized, comprehensive wellness program, with lifestyle practices, products, and supplements.

It includes science-backed therapies to include in your daily program.

And by taking this proactive approach to your health, you are guaranteed to move to a point where you will likely feel better than you have for years.


You will discover:

  • How to use the healing power of light to increase cellular energy
  • Methods to heal the most mysterious and chronic health issues
  • How your thoughts influence cellular health and overall healing
  • The earth frequencies that resonate with your heart and brain fields
  • How to harmonize your whole body with nature’s circadian rhythm
  • New breakthroughs in longevity that can reverse biological aging
  • How to process emotions and trauma with intuitive medicine
  • The latest products that optimize your body for peak performance
  • Brain training exercises that build new neural pathways
  • And much, much more…

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