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Reverse InflammAging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit

Event Name: Reverse InflammAging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit
Event Starts: 25th April 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Let’s face it, we’re all terrified of aging.

We’d love to live to 100, but the truth is, it’s not aging itself that scares us, but rather the many ailments that often come along as we age.

We’re afraid of the pain, immobility, memory loss, and chronic disease.

We want to live past 100, but without any of these issues occurring.


Dr. Robert Lufkin is a physician, medical professor, and one of the world’s leading experts in the applied science of longevity.

For years, he’s been teaching his patients and students how to live a long, healthy, disease-free life, by healing the “mind body connection”.

AND addressing the primary driver of aging and disease: Inflammation.

In fact, he has coined a new term to cover this phenonemon: InflammAging.


But it’s not just aging that is being driven by inflammation, but other chronic inflammatory diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Statistically, 3 out of every 5 people now die due to InflammAging.

Dr. Lufkin describes InflammAging as being like a smouldering fire – it’s not immediately damaging, but over time it builds up and turns into a flaming fire.

The good news is just as you can extinguish a smouldering fire, you can also put a stop to InflammAging by addressing the root causes.


Dr. Lufkin and his colleagues cover the root causes, and healing methods in the Reverse Inflammaging Body and Mind Longevity Medicine Summit.

You’ll discover 50+ ways to increase your healthspan (not just your lifespan).

They also dig into longevity medicine on a cellular level, teaching you how to stimulate the formation of your own anti-aging stem cells.

You’ll be given methods to boost brain and body health (at any age), allowing you to wake up in the morning with full vitality, rather than full of dread.

This summit is for anyone who wants to spend their last years of life full of energy, rather than on life support and taking 20 different medications.

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