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Reverse Disease with Personalized Nutrition

Event Name: Reverse Disease with Personalized Nutrition
Event Starts: 24th January 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

In the last century, we have seen many new diseases emerge.

And the rates of the already known ones have skyrocketed.

One of the main factors is because of the foods we eat.

But it’s not just about the toxic additives contained in processed foods, the hormones in meat and dairy, or the pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

It’s also about the food we eat being devoid of nutrients.

I’m sure you know how modern agriculture has depleted the nutrients in our soils, and we have about 10% of the nutrient content of food 100 years ago.

It’s so bad that poor diet is now the #1 risk factor for chronic disease.

The good news is that the diseases created from this lack of nutrition, can also be reversed (and prevented) using Personalized Nutrition.

Dr. Adigo Atabo is one of the true pioneers in this field, and is hosting the amazing event: Reverse Disease with Personalized Nutrition.

You will learn how to assess your individual biology, based on your history, symptoms, genetics, test results, stressors, and microbiome.

And discover how to use nutrients and food to prevent and reverse disease.

Using a data approach, you can find out EXACTLY what will work for you.

What nutrients do you need, and what imbalances you need to correct.

You’ll be able to make food choices that stop disease in its tracks.


You will also learn:

  • About real life stories of remarkable individuals reversing disease
  • How an exposometer can identify what is making you sick
  • The difference between nutrient deficiency and insufficiency
  • How to use your breath to increase your Heart Rate Variability
  • Why cancer cells are “addicted” to methionine
  • Using methioninase as an anti-cancer treatment
  • Why people with kidney disease need to limit animal protein
  • Which foods have the most nitric oxide, and why it’s a fountain of youth
  • The importance of eating a rainbow (of food colors)
  • What are the powerful health effects of fermented foods

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