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Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit

Event Name: Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit
Event Starts: 26th March 2024
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Who are you?

That is a question asked by the 50 million people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s a disease that steals memories, shatters lives, and tears apart families.

Since covid, those numbers are growing out of control.

In the last 4 years, dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnosis’ have risen 200%.

There are more than 10 million new cases of dementia diagnosed each year.

And dementia caregivers have a 600% increased Alzheimer’s risk.

By 2050, there is expected to be over 100 million people with Alzheimer’s.

It’s like this because there are no solutions in western medicine.

In fact, 99.6% of Alzheimer’s medications fail clinic trials.

And the 0.4% that make it through, only provide “mild” relief or slow down.

Without a doubt, we desperately need a new approach to Alzheimer’s.


It’s heartbreaking to see someone you love lose their memory and mind.

And it’s even scarier to know that it could happen to you.

It starts with forgetting names, misplacing things, or saying the wrong words.

These are the early warning signs, and soon after, your doctor will be telling you that you have one of the most feared diseases in the world, Alzheimer’s.

You’ll experience fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, ​​like it’s a death sentence.

Your doctor will tell you nothing can be done.

But they are DEAD WRONG.​​​​


Alzheimer’s disease is not just preventable… it’s reversible.

​​​​​Dr. Heather Sandison is the founder of the Solcere Health Clinic, the first aged care residential facility of it’s kind, where the old people get better.

At the clinic, they focus on addressing the underlying root causes of the conditions, which allows them to reverse conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

​​She is hosting the Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit, which showcases the latest advancements in brain science, medicine, nutrition, and technology.

You will learn how to overcome memory loss and cognitive decline, and prevent, treat, and even reverse Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

This summit is perfect for anyone looking to prevent, delay, and reverse all types of brain conditions, as well as those people’s families and caregivers.


You will discover:

  • Why memory loss should NEVER occur as we age
  • The latest cutting-edge technology to reverse Alzheimer’s
  • How to restore damaged and non-functioning brain cells
  • Why many doctors now think Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune disorder
  • How to fortify your brain against age related memory loss
  • What toxins in your home are known to cause Alzheimer’s
  • Why Alzheimer’s is connected to cancer, lyme disease, and autism
  • The best nutritional foods to create a healthy brain
  • How mold exposure can bring on Alzheimer’s, and fast
  • Why root canal and teeth problems can lead to memory loss
  • Testing that can unveil hidden toxins and nutrient deficiencies
  • How nitric oxide improves blood flow and energy use in the brain
  • Algae’s potent benefits for brain energy and deep brain repair

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