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Resilience Roadmap Summit

Event Name: Resilience Roadmap Summit
Event Starts: 25th October 2021
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Resilience is more than just the ability to cope with loss or stress.

Resilience is the #1 success factor in any health challenge.

Think about it…


You NEED resilience to:

  • Start (and stick to) a new diet, and avoid problem foods
  • Get out of bed in the morning, instead of pressing snooze on the alarm
  • Keep going in the face of a few challenge or adversity
  • Ignore pain and push through to achieve results
  • Lose the weight you want (and keep it off for good)
  • Take ALL of your supplements every day at the right times
  • Follow an exercise regime without slacking off


Let’s face it… ALL Change Needs Resilience

But aren’t you born with a certain level of resilience?

As Jodi Cohen found out, that is not the case.

When her 12-year old son died in a car accident, Jodi’s life was turned upside down, but she had to stay strong for her daughter.

Jodi discovered that resilience can be learned, and taught.

And she shares her knowledge with you as the host of the the Resilience Roadmap Summit, along with 50 of the foremost resilience experts.

The summit contains actionable, easy tools to create and build resilience.

Tools that you can execute every day to feel more empowered in your life.



Anyone with a health challenge that knows what to do, but hasn’t done it.

Have you purchased supplements but never taken them?

Do you know you need to exercise, but always put it back to tomorrow?

Is your diet causing your problems, but you haven’t changed it yet?

AND anyone who plans to live a long fruitful life…because…

Nobody avoids hardship and trauma.

You will experience an event in your life, and if you have built resilience, you have the ability to handle it, and turn it into a stepping stone for a better life.



ONE muscle.

That’s it.

You can build the ONE muscle that makes ALL change possible.

Find out what it is at the Resilience Roadmap Summit.

And use it to develop the ability, strength, desire, and willpower, to overcome all of the health, physical, and emotional challenges that life throws at you.

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