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Event Name: Remedy
Event Starts: 26th July 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

If we’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry owns both the media and the government.

We’ve seen our family, friends, and children being killed by this industry.

We’ve seen people getting myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, autism, SIDS, SADS, and just dropping dead on the spot (died suddenly).

And we’ve known for a long time that the US is the no.1 country for giving vaccines, and yet is also the no.1 country for child mortality.

But now adults and dying from the vaccines too, and it’s plain to see that these vaccines are not giving you immunity., but rather deadly diseases.


Remedy is the film series that will restore your health and may save your life.

It features 25+ doctors, scientists, and researchers who reveal the “hidden remedies” to Reverse, Revitalize, and Recover from vaccine injuries.

The docu-series focus is on providing solutions for those who have suffered vaccine damage, giving life-saving knowledge, real hope & actual remedies.

It’s a must watch for anyone who regrets getting the covid injections, or giving their children their “shots”.

It’s a chance to go back in time, undo the damage that’s been done, reverse vaccine injuries, and make yours or your child’s body healthy again.


The docu-series also covers:

  • The history of vaccines and the lack of scientific evidence for them
  • Why vaccination has turned into a dangerous religious cult
  • The current CDC schedule, including smallpox, MMR, DTP & polio
  • How nature has a medicine chest full of remedies
  • Why these covid vaccine deaths are a medical holocaust
  • How doctors are persecuted if they speak up against vaccines
  • Fraud committed by the pharmaceutical companies to boost sales
  • A detailed comparison of the health between vaxxed and unvaxxed
  • Simple solutions and reversal remedies for vaccine injuries
  • The secret ingredients in vaccines they don’t want you to find out
  • Autism reversal remedies and success stories from the parents
  • The depopulation and sterilization agendas through vaccines
  • Do children really need the HPV and Vitamin K injections
  • Big pharma tricks and CDC gaslighting to silence vax opposition
  • The flu vaccine scam, and the rotavirus scandal
  • Proven vaccine recovery protocols and time-tested therapies

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