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Radical Healing: Detox Your Stress & Stressors Masterclass

Event Name: Radical Healing: Detox Your Stress & Stressors Masterclass
Event Starts: 23rd May 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Stress is the #1 factor in influencing health problems and challenges.

It can impact your mood, energy, weight, and make diseases worse.

But remember, stress isn’t just the pressures of work or modern life.

There are internal stressors like parasites, pathogens, and heavy metals.

And memory stressors like trauma and ancestral stress.

All of these forms of stress compromise your hormone levels, sleep patterns, energy reserves, and your ability to heal.

If left unaddressed, they lead to chronic disease and mental health issues.


Misty Williams is very familiar with the battle with stress and health problems.

After surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, she developed life-threatening complications, 45lb weight gain, debilitating fatigue, and ovarian failure.

The doctors told her that her lab tests were normal, and to pop some pills.

But she reclaimed her health and vitality through a radical healing method.

Misty presents her story and recovery in the highly anticipated event:
Radical Healing: Detox Your Stress & Stressors Masterclass

Along with other experts in functional medicine, naturopathy, anti-aging medicine, Ayurveda, and nutrition you’ll learn strategies to banish all stress.

These healing protocols facilitate powerful change, and deep healing.


You will learn:

  • Hidden stressors that most practitioners don’t know how to test for
  • Tips for eating healthy, nutritious foods when you can’t cook
  • How to manage getting “knocked down” by health challenges
  • The connection between body fat and emotional toxins
  • How to reduce suffering and create a safe space to heal
  • The most important hormone in your body & how it’s affected by stress
  • How stress impacts intimacy and causes discomfort and lack of desire
  • The powerful anti-oxidative effects of the unique molecule: C60
  • How chronic stress impacts your hormones
  • Alternative therapies that can help turn back the clock
  • How your lifelong personality patterns stress your nervous system
  • Using microcurrent stimulation to eliminate stress
  • How chronic stress and toxins impact your skeleton and bone loss
  • Links between imbalanced mineral levels, anxiety, hair loss, & brain fog
  • How to reduce fatigue, eliminate brain fog and sleep better in 30 days
  • Contributors that lead to stress-related weight gain and weight loss
  • How to break the vicious cycle of eating and drinking to release stress
  • Why overworking & undersleeping are wreaking havoc on your body
  • How does malabsorption contribute to immunity and food sensitivity
  • Why women are so stressed out and how a mindset shift can help
  • How toxins lower IQ and increase your chances of cognitive decline
  • And much, much more…

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