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Plant-Based Coaching Workshop

Event Name: Plant-Based Coaching Workshop
Event Starts: 6th October 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Looking for a new career path, expand your existing career, or simply want to help your friends and family become more healthy?

Then join the Plant-Based Coaching Workshop, hosted by Ocean Robbins.

It’s perfect for anyone who is passionate about healthy living, has a love for the environment and sustainability, and is serious about eating healthy food.

The health and wellness field is now a massive $1.5 Trillion industry.

And surveys show that more than half of all Americans want to move away from the unhealthy Standard American Diet and eat more plant-based foods.

Right now is the perfect opportunity to get into the exploding field of plant-based coaching, where you can make a huge difference, and a great living.

The Plant-Based Coaching Workshop is fun and content-rich 3-day event.

You’ll hear from the top experts on plant-based nutrition, coaching skills, how to get clients, and how to get paid to do this meaningful work.

This event is going to be exciting, and you will have the opportunity to both learn a lot of valuable health info, and potentially make good money with it.

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