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Parkinson’s Solutions Summit

Event Name: Parkinson’s Solutions Summit
Event Starts: 14th November 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

According to worldwide statistics, Parkinson’s disease, is the 2nd most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease.

Over 10 million people are needlessly suffering from Parkinson’s at present.

It makes you feel like you are moving through quicksand.

Every step is a chore, and every word is a challenge.

You are in constant fear of slipping, falling, or getting injured.

There’s a heavy financial cost for the medicines and treatments.

The dread of becoming a burden to your family is very real.

There are many aspects to the suffering caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Yet, there are solutions, and they’re at the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit.


Dr. Kenneth Sharlin has spent 3 decades specializing in brain disorders, and he knows there are Parkinson’s solutions because he’s been in the trenches.

As the host of the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit, he’s here to challenge common misconceptions and go far beyond what modern medicine provides.

The event is designed to bring real solutions to people with Parkinson’s.

You’ll learn about personalized treatment plans, and testing techniques that get to the root causes of Parkinson’s disease.

It’s suitable for people with Parkinson’s, their caregivers, and anyone interested in the latest advancements in Parkinson’s research and treatment.

This event is a lifeline for people with Parkinson’s disease – don’t miss it.


You’ll also discover:

  • Fast-action methods to quickly reduce symptoms by up to 73%
  • How ammonia in the brain can influence glutamate regulation
  • The relationship between chronic inflammation and Parkinson’s
  • A comprehensive detox protocol focusing on brain detoxification
  • The intricate connection between the microbiome and Parkinson’s
  • How PEMF can be a game-changer for Parkinson’s treatment
  • The “Neurishment Smoothie” that specifically helps Parkinson’s
  • A groundbreaking test to diagnose Parkinson’s (Syn-One Test)
  • How to spot Parkinson’s before visible symptoms are present
  • The unique Chinese Medicine perspective on Parkinson’s
  • How vibrational therapies can mitigate Parkinson’s symptoms
  • Why the “mother of all stem cells” is so promising for Parkinson’s

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