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New Year, New You… with the Sun’s Natural Infrared Frequencies

Event Name: New Year, New You… with the Sun’s Natural Infrared Frequencies
Event Starts: 14th April 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

Looking for a new way to detox effectively and transform your health?

Saunas are an ancient practice, having being used for thousands of years.

But modern technology has supercharged them with Infrared Frequencies.

Infrared Saunas are the single most effective way to detox on the planet.

Studies have been conducted and they found that regular use of Infrared Saunas increases longevity, and decreases all cause mortality by 40%.

This is because toxins are the primary driver of fatigue and disease today.

When we detox these unwanted and harmful toxins, it helps with hormone balancing, sleep issues, blood circulation, and immune and brain function.

Other toxins come in the form of pathogens, and the raising of the core body temperature kills them off, keeping you safe, and healthy.

Plus, if you have any heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate, and other chemicals stored in your fat cells, they get excreted from the body.

Simply put, they work… incredibly well.


But it’s not just for toxin removal, disease reduction, and longevity.

Studies show they are great for weight loss, cellulite removal, & metabolism.

In fact, a single Infrared Sauna session burns 200-600 calories per hour.

Athletes even use them after games and training for faster sports recovery.

And Infrared Saunas are amazing at rejuvenating the skin, rebuilding connective tissue, restoring muscle tone, and creating younger looking skin.


The best example of Infrared Saunas creating a youthful appearance is in detox expert Wendy Myers, who looks decades younger than her real age.

Wendy just happens to be the host of the incredible webinar:
New Year, New You… with the Sun’s Natural Infrared Frequencies

Click that link to view the webinar page, and take a look at Wendy.

Would you have guessed that she is almost 50 years old?

She credits her stunningly young appearance to using Infrared Saunas, and has been recommending them to her detox clients for over a decade now.

Wendy will explain how the infrared light imitates the sun in that it charges your mitochondria and creates energy.

You will feel better, have more energy, and even mental clarity & brainpower.

Join Wendy for this webinar, as she teaches more about the importance and benefits of regular Infrared Sauna use, and how you can even do it at home.

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