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New Frontiers in Music Medicine & Cymatic Science

Event Name: New Frontiers in Music Medicine & Cymatic Science
Event Starts: 11th October 2023
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

John Stuart Reid is a pioneer and innovator in the field of acoustics.

He invented the incredible CymaScope device, which is a precision instrument for the study of Faraday wave (cymatic) patterns in fluids.

It allows us to see how vibrations and frequencies effect and change (morphogenetic effects) parts inside the human body.

One brilliant discovery was that the CymaScope was able to differentiate between the sounds emitted by healthy cells, and those of cancer cells.

Yes, he can actually HEAR cancer cells; a truly amazing scientific discovery.


John later discovered that both audible and inaudible sounds, as well as the silent spaces between sounds deeply influence every cell and organism.

He was not only able to detect disease, but use sound to heal disease too.

John found the specific frequencies to heal from pain, lower blood pressure, stop inflammation, slow down aging, boost immunity, and beat cancer.

Plus, he could recalibrate the mind and body, initiate states of deep meditative relaxation, release past trauma, and regenerate cells in the body.

The key was finding a sound pattern that bound more oxygen to hemoglobin, delivering a flood of oxygen that activated the body’s healing mechanisms.


To teach you more about this science, John Stuart Reid is hosting a free 1-hour event, called New Frontiers in Music Medicine & Cymatic Science.

During this event, he will be giving a live demonstration of his CymaScope machine, and show you the anti-gravity effects of sound on matter.

You’ll also hear of the accidental discovery of “Acoustic Heterodyning”, that oxygenates your cell membranes, to both slow and reverse aging.

This event is perfect for those who have heard about the power of sound medicine, want to use it, but don’t know where to start.

John will show you exactly how you can harness both vibrational frequencies and specific sound patterns to initiate profound healing at the cellular level.

This is truly an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world’s foremost sound healing experts, and gain the knowledge to change your life.

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