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Natural Approaches to Osteoporosis & Bone Health

Event Name: Natural Approaches to Osteoporosis & Bone Health
Event Starts: 17th January 2022
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The statistics tell us that 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 4 men…

Will suffer a fracture at some time in their lives, due to osteoporosis.

But it’s not just fractures, but weakness and reduced mobility too.

Osteoporosis has now become a major cause of mortality and morbidity.

The consequences can be devastating.

Nobody wants to be a statistic.

So what can we do, and where do we start?


Join the highly anticipated event:
Natural Approaches to Osteoporosis & Bone Health

It features world renown physical therapists, medical practitioners, and scientists, sharing their best tools and science-backed strategies.

To regrow your bones, build bone strength, and develop natural bone health.

You will become equipped with treatment solutions and prevention tactics.

And receive improved posture, increased energy, reduced stress, better muscle balance, and higher levels of happiness as a result.


You will also learn:

  • Why bone density testing is a waste of time (and can harm you)
  • The links between gluten, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis
  • Safe exercises which increase bone density, and strengthen bones
  • The relationship between protein and building bones (not muscle)
  • Dangerous foods which erode bones (and 7 foods which build it)
  • Science backed methods proven to prevent falls (and fractures)
  • The true impact of calcium and vitamin D on bone health
  • How Chinese Medicine views osteoporosis (it will surprise you)
  • and much more…

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